Talking Breeding: Above All’s legacy to live on through his pups

THIS week's review of litters selected from the Victorian Litter Registrations list for the week ending June 8 starts with a nice litter of 10 pups by the ill-fated Group 1 winner, Above All (July 2012 Magic Sprite x Kara Janx) who tragically died recently.

His racing career was tragically cut short after 33 starts which resulted in 15 wins and eight placings, which earned connections $323,360 in stakes, and included wins in the 2014 Group 1 Hobart 1000, 2015 Group 1 Silver Chief and the Group 2 .

He also finished second in the 2016 Group 1 Temlee, third in the 2016 Group 2 Warragul Cup, and was a finalist in the 2014 Group 1 Melbourne Cup, 2015 Group 1 Temlee, 2015 Group 1 Hobart 1000, with P.B winning times of 29.33 at Sandown and 29.76 at The Meadows.

The three dogs and seven bitches in the litter, registered by Lara breeder, Shane Fisher, are from the beautifully bred bitch, Jailbreak Lass (July 2011 Paddy Whacker* x CDN Kat Burgler*), whose imported dam is by WW Greys Drifter x Tom S Kuntry Kat (Molotov x Tread Softly).

Jailbreak Lass was born in Canada and is from a very good litter which included Billy Club, Kat Zapper, Rumor Has It and Rush N' Whacker, and with the exception of Kat Zapper who appears not to have raced, the others were all winners.

On the track, she raced 17 times for three wins and seven placings, winning over 515m at Sandown (30.09) with three placings, 600m at The Meadows (34.66) with three placings and 520m at Geelong (30.58) with one placings.

I am not sure if any of the litter are for sale, but would suggest there will be enormous interest from prospective buyers, with future breeding mind, especially with seven bitches.

Rare Bearability litter

LONG time since we've had a litter come through by Bearabilty (March 1996 Credibility x Kissy Bear), whose dam is by New Tears x Ice Fire (Bowetzel x Misty Piper Lee) but there is one with nine pups on the list this week.

Beautifully bred, Credibility broke the Toowoomba 457m track record (25.22), won the 1997 Shane Taylor Memorial Maiden and 1998 Toowoomba Derby, winning 12 of his first 13 starts before dropping a back muscle in his 14th and final start.

He also recorded 29.71 winning at Ipswich, 2/100ths off the track record and had a personal best winning time of 30.27 over 520m at Albion Park.

His top ranking offspring, according to from his 778 named offspring, are Melbourne Cup winner, Excite Ability (x Rerun), Bitability Bale (x Jindara Bale), Star Witch (x Witchita), Bear Creek (x Super Crystal), Zaability (x Ignited), Ellie's Diamond (x Girl Diamond), Tycoon Law (x Sweet Law), Bearbaun Lass (x Classybaun Girl), Mustang Miranda* (x Minnies Miranda) and Shimawai (x Tibelda).

Mildura South breeder, Brock Wilson, registered his litter of six dogs and three bitches who are from the beautifully bred bitch, Miss Monaleen (Windy Millar* x Vammoshki Magic), whose dam is by Where's Pedro x Spiral Magic (Spiral Nikita* x Magic Grove) and worth recalling, Magic Grove is by Melbourne Cup winner Light Of Fire x Thai Magic (Grove Whisper* x Thai Magic).

Miss Monaleen is from a litter which included Monaleen Comet, Monaleen Magic, Monaleen Melody, Star Of Monaleen and Windy O'Monaleen, with their dam's only other litter on file, whelped in May 2014, by Ninja Jamie* producing Monaleen Deejay, Monaleen Mojo, Monaleen Monty, Monaleen Ned and Ninja Fighter.

On the track she raced 19 times for three wins and four placings, winning twice over 375m at Broken Hill (21.90), where she was also placed over 520m, and 450m at Warnnambool (26.10), with placings over 425m at Bendigo and 400m at Gawler.

Rare Bombastic Shiraz litter

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.57.27 AMANOTHER rare litter, of seven pups by former champion sire (March 2001 Black Shiraz x Bombastic Blonde, registered by Carnegie breeder, Peter Knott.

The two dogs and five bitches are from the beautifully bred, 2012 Warragul Oaks and dual distance city winner, Especially (August 2010 Brett Lee x Special Sign), whose dam is by Exceptional x Semaphore (Placard x Honcho Whiz) and worth recalling, Honcho Whiz, is by Head Honcho (Walkabout Sid x Fitzroy Lass) from Gee Whiz (Tempix x Marungi Band).

Especially is from a very handy litter which included Al Moran, Allez Bijou, Annopolis and Sign's Of Lee, with their dam also having good winners on file from her two other litters, whelped in December 2009 by Where's Pedro and April 2012 by Collision.

On the track, Especially raced 70 times for 18 wins and 16 placings, winning four times over 515m at Sandown (29.53) where she also won over 595m (34.36), three times over 525m at The Meadows (30.06), twice over 480m at (27.16), twice over 500m at Bendigo (28.11) and twice over 460m at Warragul (26.04), where she also won over 400m (22.97), with single wins over 390m at Shepparton (22.20), 460m at Geelong (26.16) and 520m at Cranbourne (30.40).

Eight for Bye Bye Bones

EIGHT pups in a nicely bred litter from Harston breeder, Tony Duncan, this week, by the well bred, under-utilised sire Bye Bye Bones (December 2004 Bombastic Shiraz x Georgia Brown), whose dam is by Jack Junior x Miss Gypsy (Barneys Alarm* x Bantam Lady).

The three dogs and five bitches are from the Paul Wheeler bred bitch, Casmay Bale (August 2011 Go Wild Teddy x Cara Bale), whose dam is by Larking About x Denise Bale (Token Prince x Aquin Bale) and worth recalling, Aquin Bale is by the US sire EJ's Douglas* x Bonita Bale (Curryhill Vrute* x Sarah Bale) which gives the dam line a long list of imported/international bloodlines.

Casmay Bale is from a litter which included Dyna Andy, Dyna Billy, Dyna Lent, Dyna Ulna, Dyna Vank and Yakira Bale, with their dam also producing some good winners from her other litters, by Allan Harper, Collision and Turanza Bale.

On the track, Casmay Bale raced 55 times for eight wins and 13 placings, winning four times over 515m at Angle Park (30.35), three times over 416m at Strathalbyn and also over 460m at Geelong (26.48).

Good Effort

OUR final litter for review from this week's Victorian list is one of nine pups by successful NSW based sire Lochinvar Marlow (July 2007 Bombastic Shiraz x Sensation Lee).

The eight dogs and one bitch, registered by Woorinen breeder, Anthony Hannon, are from the well bred bitch, Paw Effort (July 2007 Bond x Tintagel Lady), whose dam is by Awesome McLaren x Flying Amy (Amerigo Man x Tenthill Flyer).

She is from a handy litter, which included Bondtagel Boy, Dazzle Bond, Maestro Magoo, Moets Mate, Mr. Gold Finger and Walkabout Elley, with their dam also producing winners from her five other litters, by Brett Lee, Carnage, Collision, Over Flo and Tims Crow*.

On the track, Paw Effort raced 70 times for six wins and 26 placings, winning five times over 530m at Cannington (30.73) with one win over 492m at Mandurah (28.15).

She is a proven producer herself, with winners from her first two litters, whelped in June 2013 by Cool Effort, then May 2014 by Spring Gun.

NSW Whelping Report

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.57.40 AMTURNING our attention to the NSW Whelping Report for the week ending February 21, our first litter selected for review, is one of eight pups by highly regarded stud prospect, Awesome Project (March 2011 Collision x Honour Phase).

Registered by Jilliby breeder, Beverly Sandes, the five dogs and three bitches are from the well bred bitch, Make A Splash (October 2008 Big Daddy Cool x Winnie La Plume), whose dam is by Proper Tears x Sun La Plume (Acacia Ablaze x Placid Dove).

She is from her dam's second Big Daddy Cool litter, which included Brindle Fox, Brindle Rebel, Centre Four and Cool La Plume, after her first litter by him, whelped in February 2006 produced , Charles Daniel, , Daddy La Plume, Royal Rocka, Sawtell Sam and Whizzer Watson, with winners on file from her two other litters, whelped in January 2004 by Token Prince and January 2008 by Elite State.

On the track, Make A Splash raced 34 times for one win and seven placings, winning over 400m at The Gardens (22.94), where she was also placed three times, and placed four times over 400m at Gosford.

She has one previous litter on file, three dogs and one bitch, whelped in January 2015 by Vee Man Vane, and there is certainly plenty to like about the pedigree of the well bred youngsters in this litter.

Ready to run

NEXT we have a nice litter of seven pups, registered by Schofields breeder, Colin Bermingham, by the well bred, stud success, Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x ).

The two dogs and five bitches are from the well bred, handy city winner, Ready To Riot (September 2011 Collision x Punk Angel), whose dam is by Addis Boy x Dos Santos (Big Ginger Boy x Just Perfect).

She is from a good litter which included Back Up Punk, Evil Punk, Good Odds Demon, Good Odds Devil, Hot Impact and Who De Punk, with their dam also producing winners from her four other litters, by Hallucinate, Magic Sprite, Spring Gun and Vapour Whirl.

Ready To Riot raced 26 times for eight wins and 10 placings, winning four times over 520m at Wentworth Park (29.71, 29.86, 29.97) with single wins over 525m at The Meadows (30.10), 515m At Gosford (30.29) and 515m at The Gardens (29.83), where she also won over 600m (34.82).

She has one previous litter of her own on file, four dogs and two bitches, whelped in April 2015 by so she certainly has some very well bred youngsters on the ground now.

Ready to Rumble

PHEASANTS NEST breeder, Brett Quarm, has a beautifully bred litter of nine pups on the list this week by winner, now successful sire, Cosmic Rumble (April 2007 Spiral Nikita* x Spiritual Rumble).

The two dogs and seven bitches are from the beautifully bred bitch, Rascal (March 2009 Premier Fantasy* x Best Of Diablo), whose dam is by Just The Best x Thai Magic (Grove Whisper x Lauren's Desire).

Rascal is from a good litter which included Black Expresso, Mary Lou Cargo, Ocean Foam, Oz Journey, Premier Journey, multiple group race winner Prince Diablo, now a proven sire, with their dam also having two named, Dashing Diablo and Smart Diablo from a second Premier Fantasy litter, whelped in March 2012, and winners from two earlier litters, whelped in August 2007 by Late Late Show* and May 2011 by Magic Sprite.

Rascal raced 23 times for four wins and 10 placings, winning over 600m at Gosford (35.93), 600m at Dapto (34.85), 535m at Richmond (30.98) and 506m at Lighgow (30.31).

She is already a proven producer, with all three named from her first litter, Elite Rascal, Nitro Rascal and Rumbling Rascal, whelped in October 2013 by Where's Pedro, winning races.

Ten for Venus

OUR next litter review is one with 10 pups, registered by St. Marys breeder, Greg Sprod, by successful US born, Irish based sire, international stud success, Kinloch Brae* (August 2005 Craigie Mo Town x Greys Free Style).

The five dogs and five bitches are from the beautifully bred, lightly raced bitch, Zipping Venus (September 2011 Bombastic Shiraz x Or Catra), whose dam is by Brett Lee x Gold Serenade (Golden Currency x Clare D'Loon).

She is from a litter which included Tricky Sid, Zipping Andy, Zipping Joe and Zipping Raffa, with their prolific producing dam also having winners on file from her five other litters, by Bit Chili, Malfoy, Mantra Lad, Smooth Fancy and Whisky Assassin, with a total of 37 named offspring on file from her six litters.

On the track, Zipping Venus raced 10 times for the good record of six wins and two placings, winning three times over 515m at The Gardens (29.75), with one win over 460m at Geelong (26.15) and a placing over 460m at Warragul.

She has three named offspring on file, He's All Power, Shez Slimline and Very Choosy, who were whelped in September 2024 by Jagger Swagger and who are all winners.

Tuiaki litter

WEDDERBURN breeder, Pamela Caines, has our final litter for review this week, eight pups by Peter Mosman Classic winner and under-rated sire, Tuiaki (March 2008 Premier Fantasy* x Shireen's Habit).

The three dogs and five bitches are from the very well bred, proven producer, Arica Dora (February 2008 Surf Lorian x Arica Bella), whose dam is by Placard x Curitaba (Grove Whisper* x Bella Rica).

She is from her dam's first Surf Lorian litter, which included, Botany Fresh, Lorian Rip, Miranda Molly, Sicilian Wave, Surfabella and Three For Ten, then in addition to a second Surf Lorian litter, whelped in November 2009, their dam also has litters on file by Bit Chili and Elite State.

Arica Dora raced 89 times for 14 wins and 16 placings, winning twice over 520m at Wentworth Park (30.32), where she also won three times over 720m (42.63), four times over 600m at Dapto (34.69), twice over 530m at Potts Park (30.25) and also over 600m at Gosford (35.73) and 618m at Richmond (35.98).

She is a proven brood bitch with some good winners from her four previous litters on file, whelped in May 2012 by Cosmic Rumble, February 2013 by El Grand Senor, October 2013 by Magic Sprite and March 2015 by Bekim Bale.

Tuiaki has 107 named offspring on file, with his top rated offspring, Jewel Action (x Miss Beaslee), Paperbond (x Miss Beaslee), Trust Issues (x Miss Beaslee), True To Ted (x Asteria Gain), Gold Vipa (x Miss Beaslee), Shadow Apache (x Miss Beaslee), Bank Again (x Asteria Gain), Jewel Eagle (x Miss Beaslee), Iona Muffin Top (x Iona Habit), By Time (x Troublemaker Bay), Iona Lucky Seven (x Iona Habit), Iona Machine (x Iona Habit) and Mark's Express (x Pineapple City).

NSW Metropolitan Sires list

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.57.53 AMOUTSTANDING stud success, Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous increased his lead on the NSW Metropolitan Sires list during June when his offspring won 12 races at Wentworth Park.

He now leads the list at the halfway point of the year, with 74 wins from 48 individual winners, just short of double the 38 wins of his nearest rival, Spring Gun who has 38 wins, followed by Collision with 32 wins, Where's Pedro 29 wins and Fabregas 24 wins, completing the top five, at the end of June.

Just outside the Top 20 at the end of June with 7 wins each are Turanza Bale and Glen Gallon, followed on 6 wins by Nitro Burst, then 5 wins each by College Causeway*, Dyna Lachlan, Fear Zafonic*, Big Daddy Cool, Mogambo and Miagi.

Winners for the top three June sires at Wentworth Park, and their dams were as follows:

Magic Sprite (March 2008 Brett Lee x Glamorous) 12 wins

2 wins Cawbourne Kristy (x Sweet Pose) and Goodwin Terry (x Our Dynamo). 1 win Arena Magic (x Kellmarg), Blackey Streek (x Tadmore Collette), Emission Control (x Dynamic Frost), (x Jaydo's Neglect), Rippin Hayne (x Chevy Princess), Rocket's Mum (x Miss Tandur), Rubelly Magic (x Lagoon Smylee) and Slick Simzy (x Run Rampant).

Spring Gun (June 2009 Bombastic Shiraz x Ready For Rain) 8 wins

1 win Avenging Gun (x High Fashion), Funky Punk (x Punk Angel), Gate Juan (x Queen's Gate), Grovebrook Flyer (x Grovebrook Blaze), Mega Fletch (x Mega Flame), Rob Stark (x Sierra Lee), Tanks Punk (x Punk Angel) and Winsome Spring (x Winsome Charlee).

Barcia Bale (March 2010 Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale) 7 wins

2 wins Ritza Lenny (x Lagoon Lowanna). 1 win Curriculum (x Bralyn Nicky), Dundee Fury (Crown Piper), Girl In Gold (x Elite Tarawi), Slick Oscar (x Miss Amanda) and Stolen Kisses (x Awesome Star).


Coursing this week is at Longwood where the feature event on the program is the 2016 , which will be supported by the Bert Clark Memorial and the usual events for Maidens, Bitches and dog puppies.

Longwood also has a two day meeting scheduled for Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24, which will feature the running of the 2016 Victoria Derby and 2016 Victoria Oaks, plus supporting events on the Sunday.

Bred to win

WENDY CAN'T RUN (White & blue bitch, September 2014 Cosmic Rumble x Dewana Savanna) Impressive first up winner over 520m at Cranbourne on June 19 leading all the way from box five, winning by six lengths in 30.98 before 4.75 lengths fourth there on June 29 from box six. Had the same box when up in class and well beaten over 515m at Sandown on July 3. She can run so look for her in something easier, or at least better drawn shortly.

ANOTHER HOPE (Black bitch, March 2014 Swift Fancy x Drama Queen). Ten starts for one win and four placings. Third over 311m at Cranbourne June 22, beaten 5.5 lengths, then fifth 300m Healesville June 26, before big step up in distance and class when encouraging third over 515m at Sandown on July 3 in the race won by Dewana Express (29.92), Looks likely type to win better races so keep an eye out for her.

MUSTANG SAMMY (Black dog, July 2014 Barcia Bale x Strawberry Rose). Eight starts for three wins and four placings. Followed smart successive wins over 311m at Cranbourne, June 1 and 10, 17.87 and 17.97 before stepping up in distance and class when third over 515m at Sandown on July 3, beaten 4.73 lengths in the race won by the Jason Thompson trained What Planet (29.87). Has heaps of ability and looks like he will run the 515 metres with a bit more experience. Follow up.


Got a question on any of our sires and brood bitch lists, maybe on Coursing, or want to send us news on a litter you've just bred, or any greyhound racing related question, simply email me at [email protected]

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