Important Information Regarding Tasmanian Greyhound Fields

Please be aware that at the request of the Tasmanian Department of Racing we have been instructed we cannot provide Tasmanian Greyhound Fields to our owners, trainers and punters.

Please note that I am aware that as the only national fields service available online this is dissapointing to say the least.

Tasmania will not receive any coverage from us for their racing, their clubs and their sponsors and they will stand alone as the only area in the country and New Zealand to not have us help market and publicise their product for free.

In fact, as most state bodies actually pay to have their fields included in the print media, the decision not to avail themselves of free marketing beckons beleif.

As an industry participant I realise the only ones inconvenienced are the owners, trainers and punters who have no way of accessing Tasmanian fields other than on race day.

We will continue to work on behalf of our supporters to have Tasmanian Fields available on Australian Racing

Past Discussion

  1. How anyone can refuse free publicity this day and age is beyond comprehension,sounds like something the GHRRA would do, Bloody ridiculous,

  2. Ridiculous indeed.What about people who have an interest in dogs down there.Have they been listening to NSW for advice? Wake up!! you are there to advance greyhound racing not stuff it!!!!!!!!