Owner fires back at MP for labelling her greyhound as dead

A TASMANIAN greyhound owner is still fuming after her retired greyhound was declared dead by a Greens MP trying to shut down the industry.

During the week Andrea Dawkins, the MP for the electorate of Bass, tabled a document in State Parliament listing 16 greyhounds alleged to have died on the track within the first six months of 2016.

One of the greyhounds named in the document was Wee Fire, who earned $34,650 on the racetrack and was reported by Dawkins to have died from unknown causes at less than four years of age.

Dawkins has since been forced to issue a public apology and retraction after Wee Fire’s part-owner, Julie Bannon, came forward declaring the greyhound was alive and well.

“The information that one less dog has died at the hands of this industry is the great news for an animal welfare advocate to receive,” Dawkins said in her statement.

“Our incorrect listing of Wee Fire as a deceased greyhound was unintended, and I will correct the Parliamentary record this evening. We apologise unreservedly to Wee Fire’s owner and trainer for our mistake.

“Getting information about greyhounds who have died or are missing is challenging. It’s unfortunate we are forced to rely on the information compiled by animal welfare activists.

“The greyhound racing industry is under a cloud because of its cruel nature and a lack of transparency.”

However, Bannon says the public statement was not good enough.

“I am angry and disappointed to think that somebody could do something like this and not have their information right,” Bannon told Australian Racing Greyhound.

“She put something up on the Greens site… but I thought a personal apology would have happened, not that we probably would have accepted it.

“She has no idea of the effect this has caused. It’s not just me but a lot of people have been upset by it – there is another owner and the trainer as well.

“We have since received plenty of messages of support from people, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“If they want to put this stuff out there they need to make sure all of their information is correct.

“They don’t think; they just do what they want.”

Bannon is now urging Dawkins to experience the industry from a different perspective to see that the majority of greyhounds are loved and nurtured.

“She needs to go and spend the day with a trainer and see how we look after our dogs,” Bannon said.

“A lot of the time they are looked after better than ourselves – I haven’t trained for a couple of seasons now – but when I was I made sure all the dogs and pups got fed before me – a lot of the time I wouldn’t get to sit down for a meal until after 8’o clock at night.

“They all get looked after and have their warm beds and plenty of attention – these people need to take the time to recognise that.

“They need to do their homework a bit better.”

Past Discussion

  1. “They need to do their homework a bit better.”

    They certainly do but I’m afraid that stopped when they left school.

    With the greyhound gravy train no need for accountability – throw as much mud as you like, some will stick and all is fair in love and war.

    Typical green sloth.

  2. The racing industry does its level best to keep the public in the dark about the true extent of greyhound injuries and deaths. Then they have the nerve to lecture people about doing their homework better after they manage to extract a small amount of information through painstaking research on race records and stewards’ reports, and it turns out to be inaccurate in the case of one out of 16 dogs! Cue the hypocritical outrage and phony hurt feelings!

    It’s all designed to distract the public from the horrific, but formerly secret, industry data obtained through Right to Information that shows three Tas racing greyhounds died every two days over the last 3 years.  Where is the industry outrage over the fact that their own data record that 33 greyhounds died in the Launceston area in a single day?

    This is not the attitude of an industry that only needs a “fair go” to prove it actually cares about animal welfare.

  3. JeffWhite4  Back again Jeff just like a herpes simplex virus. The public have not been kept in the dark about anything you and your kind have been claiming you have known about it for years. “for years we have known about this horrendous cruelty” is the cry. Then you claim “we have been kept in the dark”  make up your mind.  The racing boards have a legislated duty to keep the punters informed not the rabid fringe element whose love of animals is highly questionable.

    Ms Dawkins (Wee fired our mouth off too quick)  used animal activists figures when obviously she could have obtained them from the racing board because she did it two days later.  I would  prefer our pollies do something about unemployment, detention of aboriginal children, health, education- you know that sort of thing rather than this obsession with counting alleged dead dogs. I think we have all agreed that currently there really are no accurate records except for dogs currently racing.  A quick whip around in NSW found a few thousand not registered as race dogs but alive and well not dead as alleged by the animal activists.  While the greens are adding up dead dogs another aboriginal child is probably being tear gassed.

    Get the round up out and get rid of the greens.

  4. Majority of people on this earth love and respect their animals, but i wonder with people like  MP Andrea Dawkins who jump at anything to get their HEAD on the front page. i ask you Andrea do you have the Information on these ANIMAL WELFARE ACTIVISTS who practice BESTIALITY or are you  just a Lap dog for their Agenda ? Many view  this act as a mental  problem with these Minority  Groups ! maybe Andrea you should look at the real issues that effects peoples lives in our world today ,like many in your electorate we find your thoughts repugnant to say the least. 

  5. Well Ms Bannon, I would be ensuring YOU had made sure you have all your ducks in a row as well. See there is a slight problem with Wee Fire. That problem being that OzChase a system used in multiple jurisdications seems to believe your greyhound hasnt retired at all.


    This information is supplied by OzChase, which I had confirmed by email from GRV. So which is it Ms Bannon, did you not correctly tell authorities that you have retired your greyhound, or is this yet another complete f.ck up by OzChase (who never list a dog as deceased when they die on the race track).

    Either way someone in the industry is lying and/or incompetent. They being either Julie Bannon or OzChase. So who is it?

  6. BobWhitelaw  Yes Bob they are a funny lot these animal activists. I thought that with the odd exception (sociopaths)  most people cared about animals and children- I thought it was just part of the human condition but apparently these morally superior people seem to think they have a stronghold on the feeling. I think most of them just want to condemn other people and greens all over the country are getting onto the “dead dog bandwagon” in their defence they don’t seem to have any other policies and you are right this is the first time I have seen some of them get any press coverage.

  7. JeffWhite4 Just finished watching The Wild Life Man David Ireland where he’s explaining the DEVASTATION caused by wild pigs,goats bulls,dogs,rabbits ,foxes cats,camels all feral .He explained how these feral animals are destroying our native vegetarian and our native wild life through diseases to with which also can effect Humans in some cases this has happen. He then was  showing how they are Killing these feral animals and as David Ireland explained to viewers that these pest are out of control right across Australia and during  the course of the show” on comes the NSW GOVERNMENTS BAN THE GREYHOUNDS ADD  that’s bit hypocritical   by the Nine Network ! ( Where’s the Outrage by your mob) .  Latest figures suggest over 30 million Cats and Rabbits , over a 100 thousand or so of Pigs, Dogs, Foxes, Camels,Horses, Bull Cattle , Buffalo, Goats all wild. and all classed as PEST’s !  So Jeff White you want to teach or lecture others on animal welfare, you are just a poor didactic person sorry to say !

  8. No SAV  You might try asking TasRacing. But they generally refuse to give out any information about death and injury statistics. That sort of information has to be pried from their cold, dead hands through Right to Information law channels. Which is exactly what the Tas Greens had to do to get this 31-page document (the Launceston area deaths in question are listed right on page 1): https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3031647-Right-to-Information-on-Greyhound-Deaths.html


    ok, I think BOB & JOHN will.have a far better answer for me,and maybe others on what my original post was about it seems.

    but I will ask this;

    1. did the government at that time(KAYE was involved) respond in kind to the request fo intercode agreement changes? why not?(it is obvious they didn’t)

    2.why was GAG  or maybe any group,refused açcsess to documents of the way the agreement was reached between government and grnsw. one scathing report I read indicates a refusal by the government of the day.

    3. with the obvious calamity that exists today because of that poor signing,why cannot the government of today,do what they do to anything…..rip it up and start again?

    4. rumors are rife that an infight between current and past members of GAG & GOTBA are the reasons why todays situation has risen again?corruption talk within GRNSW is also spewing out.

    5. why,with so much needed across the state,funds be released to at least do up some raggety tracks,like wenty park,and why the government has never supported such,being the keeper of the industry?

    now I have no idea what goes on in NSW and probably glad I don’t,but after reading some past history of all 3 groups,i believe that past has been a huge influence on todays situation.

    I know it is long and histrionic and maybe not worth going back over,but one,as an outsider looking in,sees issues thatr bother me, and affects support fully

  10. the reason why I seek some background, is the way TROY GRANT spoke to mr. foley and challeneged him to go behind the sheds for a ”chat” and spat out the sentences….”well you guys were stupid enough to sign that agreement for 99 years,so blame yourselves”.

    that has stuck in my brain,and as a person who wants to know both sides always, I want to know that if the government FORCED the people in charge of GRNSW back then to sign,what was the real reason behind that forcing?

    and why cannot we get axcess to documents TODAY concerning how that deal was reached.has someone got something to hide?

  11. …and the government is in control of that agreement. the government also knows that with one sweep of the old BIC BIRO,the intercode agreement deal can be washed aside. but they choose not to. why is this so?they know the industry,if given that 8% can reform,restructure,rebuild an industry that would still supply taxes to the government,better than say HARNESS people will ever do, yet refuse to help the situation because THEY FORCED that agreement.

    corruption of the highest order appears to be in my eyes.

    so simple to solve this issue today,and animal welfare is not the main point,because if it was,why hasn’t every animal situation where animals are used for show and gain,been banned? freeking simple,it is a set against the industry for gain of more ground……

  12. dogem53 JeffWhite4  Jeff as the world’s most boring troll blogger yourself that is fine praise for dogem perhaps you could cut and past these comments into “Jeff’s Freaking Boring Facts Book* in the last chapter so that after everyone has read the rest of the book some-one can read them this chapter and get them out of their self induced coma.  Sort of like a bit of a stimulant after reading your shyt.

  13. dogem53 Q1  No, Q2&Q3  GAG were lucky they had the word from the man that  wrote the Cheque’s out to the three CODES  and to the Government of the day re the ICA and at the time of negotiations was herd to say the DOGS were DUDED  by their own. The Government then and now have been pressured by the other two codes to leave it (ICA) alone,so they did to appease the other two codes. (look at the Cameron Report).Q4 The Rumors have substance, credibility  of some are questionable and no doubt there was corruption   happening within GRNSW and all information  was passed onto the Government Officers, but the Government was focused on LIVE BAITING  nothing else. Q5   The Keeper did not want know , here is press release by The Nationals  6.3.2007 when in opposition and seeking re election for the state of NSW Shadow Minister for Racing Mr George Souris  ” Qoute” It is not the intention of the Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government to take over commercial powers such as allocation of dates but it is our intention  to EXAMINE THE EFFICIENCY and the APPROPRIATENESS of the existing structure and to EXAMINE whether or not as much money as possible was reaching the GRASSROOTS in terms of prize money >THE LIFE BLOOD OF THE INDUSTRY its obvious Governments did not give a F**K about the Greyhounds until the LIVE BAITING raised its ugly head,  you say 3 groups have a huge influence on today’s situation  well GAG chased a fair deal with the ICA and got F**K over by GRNSW with that , GRNSW was corrupt, and the GBOTA where happy with the status quo and now they  want to fight when its all over red rover, their integrity = nil. That’s why people like Ray Pitstock  the Chairperson of the GBOTA Branch at Gosford  have gone ahead and formed a Political Party to try and save Greyhound Racing here in NSW and if the  NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance  think they can win through the Courts they are kidding you and I . Pitstocks move is in the right direction there is no other way the Greyhound Industry can win unless they become politicaly active, I’am not a member because i’am a member of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party who have stayed in the Fight, but i will say  this , i support those who support us !

  14. http://www.e-architect.co.uk/sydney/wentworth-park-apartment-building

    remember this story of a Sydney architectural firm winning anaward for design of apartment on the wnetworth park greyhound site?

    sent an email to them a week ago,seeking out if they were successful in winning the bid to do the design on that site.

    answer from FJ…….unfortunately we were second so did not get the business………………….

    well, I wonder who did get the project that is supposedly not going to happen according to BAIRD and his staff? this is a green area for the people he says.

    maybe the apartment are painted green on the outside when erected….lol

    freeking lying bastards the lot of them.

  15. The Governments failure to address the Admin Drain which is Strangling  the code, A GRNSW confidant  back in 2014 told i that the Industry could not expect to survive  on such Ballooned overheads. That year GRNSW allocated million to govern the Sport out of an overall pot of million .The confidant  said another marketing Staffer had just been appointed ,bob how many marketers do you need to run an industry which is bleeding participants on a weekly basis ? At the time GRNSW MEDIA UNIT alone cost million annually to run ,then there is ongoing costs such as the Integrity unit ,which sets the industry back .5 million, despite a continuing downward trend in positive swabs.There’s .8 million set aside for education and welfare and .6 million for Administration.But by far the biggest drain on the sports finances  is the operational expenditure, which amounts to a WHOPPING .1 million annually. So when we went to the Government with this  they declined to respond but something must have been mention to GRNSW because they went into damage control and refusing to comment .I must also point out they also spent ‘000  with a consultancy firm to discredit GAG and align them with the GREENS  . It is a fact that GRNSW has not only failed to address probity issues but created  an environment for corruption to thrive ,once again the Government done nothing ! Another example of the failure to act,was the then NCA club balance sheet for 2012 which clearly shows misappropriation expenses for financial years 2011()and 2012(). How can GRNSW be unaware of this matter ,as we know you would expect them GRNSW to have scrutinised the Document thoroughly seeing that GRNSW  had made a huge investment in the NCA early last year .Now Murray Nicol was chairman in 2011 and part of 2012 and a board member of GRNSW and would have  been fully aware of the situation .and when they fell over GRNSW took control of their asset the Gardens  and GRNSW put it out to tender and  group who have never been involved with Greyhound Racing gets the GIG,  with one GRNSW board member with a personal relationship  this mob who got the GIG .The new club is formed with a former GBOTA director heading the new club this Director  personally gain profit for contract work in the form of infrastructure  work for GRNSW over the years, its also a fact that the CEO of GRNSW in Februray amended EOI evaluation criteria  now all this came from leaked board meeting  minutes  and as we all know that Chairperson McGregor  is the Partner of Harness Racing John Dumsney  she attended more Trot meetings then dog meetings  as she said once, it, the infrastructure in the dogs are 3 world standard  all this was passed onto the Select committee and the Special commission  and Baird and Grant  Government done nothing about it . Once the LIVE BAITING issue  hit, they took the easy option CLOSE IT DOWN  and destroy peoples lives  and the Guilty ones walk free  to rort another day

  16. Peter Davis just put this up on Facebook…

    A critically important Greyhounds Australasia Board meeting will be held in Adelaide on Friday.

    Representatives from all states (and Territories) no doubt will have the closure of greyhound racing in NSW as their highest priority.

    The big question is who will represent NSW in Adelaide?

    Well it’s going to be Paul Newson!

    Now that your jaw has been lifted from the keyboard, just ponder what Mr Newson can add to the day’s debate.

    He was the author of a confidential letter to Mike Baird dated July 17 which asserted: “I am providing this report to you to facilitate debate in parliament with the closure of the Greyhound Racing industry in NSW.”

    The letter centred on a phone transcript of a call between trainer Tony Gannon and former GRNSW CEO Brent Hogan.

    The matter was investigated by former Deputy Commissioner of Police Dave Madden. That finding was then passed to the Special Commission run by former High Court judge Michael McHugh but key facts were omitted.

    Surely NSW – the birthplace of more than 44% of greyhounds whelped annually in this country – deserves a seat at the table but Mr Newson’s presence is staggering.

    For NSW participants it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

    It further highlights the disdain Mr Newson holds for greyhound racing.

    He put the knife in and is now twisting it.

    His trip to Adelaide may well be a reconnaissance/fact finding missing for Mike Baird.

    Gents, be aware the fox will be in the henhouse.


    you have to be kidding. one must now ask,how genuine and serious the situation between GA and all states and AA is.

    one smells smoke,and where there is enough smoke, one finds fire.

    we have been lead to believe by certain groups who are supposedly ”doing enough behind the scenes” defending of the sport,that be cool and calm,and we will get the right result.

    it appears you can be cool as much as you like,but with this sort of backroom shenanigans taking place,one really has to question what is really going on.

    and if I hear/read one more quote of TRUST US, I will, well,wait and see.

    today is another step towards closure for GRNSW and dogs in this state,but I can see with decisions like this, NO ONE IS TO BE TRUSTED IN THIS INDUSTRY.

    and I can safely say this without any fear of being wrong,the people at the top,the very top of this sport have,over the years destroyed this industry,and the ones at the lower end,the ones that this sport is supposed to have been for,the battlers in life, are going down because of the continual corruption over the years by those in charge.

    what BOB has just written confirms that even the GOVERNMENT are tainted with this industry over the years,and have been dipping the finger in the pie to make sure it is what they ordered.

    so BAIRD, you are just on the end of the CONGA LINE, so you are only part of the corruption that has ruined the sport for the battler.

    make sure when the sun goes down people, we two finger salute those responsible. and it is not just AA and the GOVERNMENT EITHER. our own backyard is over run with guests that suit and fit in well with smelly fires.

  17. Dogem53

                       If the Greyhound Australasia had the balls they would be saying to Newson don’t bother showing or tearing him apart for destroying greyhound racing in nsw that won’t happen as they have never put the industry first across Australia in any shape or form.Its just another piss up for the boys. Now for our face book man he’s no better than Newson  he’s played a big hand over the years for where we are today.Is it a further fact that he failed to disclose either a pecuniary interest ,or conflict of interest, that he had a personal and business relationship with the consortium that won the bid for the Gardens, in March 2014 the board meeting he voted for this consortium.Its also a fact this mob at Newcastle include a .000 annual fee to be paid and 12 months rent free and the Newly appointed CEO of the track to be paid annual salary  and had shown his face twice at the Track in the six months while he was there, before they flicked him he tried Bulling participants and Staff and i’am living proof of that, he even attacked our local member Clayton Barr in a email . Its  a further fact that the chairperson of this new club  has also profited from GRNSW with contract work relating to land adjoining  the Richmond Race Track as well as the the Play House Pet Motel at Wyee which was purchased by GRNSW  for .5 Million  . Its also a fact  that GRNSW CEO spent his Saturdays in the Company of Bookmakers “At The Gallops” what does that Tell you about these GRUBS .  Madden Interviewed Myself and a GBOTA Board Director at the same venue and many documents were past over re Corruption  and we never received a copy of them interviews as promised by him. LOL  with Davis comment ,  when he said Gent’s be aware the fox is in the hen house ? ALL A WHILE THE GOVERNMENT JUST LOOK ON !

  18. Also we must remember  that corruption played little or no part of the Special Commission because of Rushtons agenda,  push by a close friend who now can not speak on any matter. It was (Animal Welfare witch hunt nothing else)  other wise we would have got a call up at the Commission to explain  our claims of Corruption within the industry,  that tells one this has been another cover up by those at the very top. Look who appointed the Justice in the first place HOGAN seen regularly conversing  with him at the Gallops on a Saturday don’t forget the original team of Jenkins Arnold and Co were disbanded and then Judge was the sole  person to run the inquiry ! wink,wink nudge,nudge say no more !

  19. ……..BREAKING NEWS………


    well,well, and what can one say. oh poor mike,how ya feelin’son. KARMA was present I hear…………lol….roflmao.(deb,what does that mean…..roflmao)gave you the tools.

    now he will understand what real pain is. I have no compassion at all.

  20. BobWhitelaw I am hearing you bob, I am hearing you.

    must be some way all this can come to the front line and be exposed. is the so called legal representative for the industry up to spped on such carrying on?

    should be,i fi was determined to seek justice,i would go back to the start and work forwards.

    thanks for your input bob,but I go back to work today and will be hardly heard. that is a good thing………lol

  21. The word Gangsters meaning members of a Gang of Criminals ( bandits, criminals, crooks, hoods, outlaws, i have no doubt, that’s what we have been  dealing with ? and today its when the EI.first hit the horses and racing stopped and  Guess who kept the TABs till ticking over the Greyhounds and Tax Revenue  for the Government and Baird,s  reward to the Industry thank you kindly i,am shutting  down  because i have no further use for it

  22. dogem53  Just looking for the sympathy vote he’ll be fine in a couple of weeks I’m sure. Just like Obeid’s so called stroke, now the court date has passed I’m sure he’s feeling a lot better as well.

  23. Baird and Grants  easy way out is to bury their mistakes of mismanagement of Greyhound Racing and the Deaths of many Greyhounds because of the Closure  its a very,very,sad day for all.