Tasmanian greyhound meetings now closed to the public

Tas Racing has announced that all Tasmanian race meetings, barrier trials and trackwork (including access to licensed training stables) in Tasmania across all three codes will not be open to the public (including owners) effective immediately and until further notice.

While total attendance at many Tasmanian race meetings, barrier trials and trackwork is likely to be less than 500, has determined that a blanket approach should be taken by Tasracing, the Office of Racing (ORI) and the host clubs.

In making the announcement Tas Racing said that “the Tasmanian racing industry has a responsibility to support the actions taken to minimise the impact of () in the wider community”.

The decision was taken following a discussion with all Clubs across the three codes yesterday.

Tasmanian race meetings will continue with attendance will only be provided to essential personnel, while raceday access is restricted to the following:

  • Tasmanian
  • Veterinarians
  • Trainers, Jockeys, drivers, stablehands, licensed greyhound participants with a runner at the race meeting
  • Barrier attendants, starters and essential track staff
  • Clerks of the course
  • Judges and sectional timing teams
  • Weighing room staff and jockeys attendants
  • Raceday event staff and security including horse stalls, mounting yards and float car park
  • Club Doctor and ambulance services
  • Farriers and other essential service providers approved by Tasracing and host race clubs
  • Broadcast services including race caller and limited presenters
  • Restricted racing media as approved by Tasracing and the race club
  • Restricted operational race club staff and management
  • No on-course facilities will be available and essential personnel will be required to leave the racecourse after their horses or greyhounds have run.

Access will not be permitted to any essential personnel that:

  • Are suffering from coronavirus symptoms or is otherwise unwell.
  • Have been to a country considered at higher risk of COVID-19 in the past 14 days, currently mainland , Iran, Italy and South Korea.
  • Are subject to self-isolation requirements imposed by the Government.
  • Have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have coronavirus.
  • Further, if any essential personnel are in a high-risk such as older people or people with underlying illnesses that make them more vulnerable to respiratory disease, including those with diabetes, chronic lung disease, kidney failure and people with suppressed immune systems, that person should not attend race meetings, barrier trials or trackwork (including accessing licensed training stables).

Enhanced hygiene measures will also be implemented throughout Tasmanian racecourses.

TasRacing have said that the “restrictions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in consultation with ORI, the Clubs and other Industry bodies”.

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