The curious case of the bitch and cocaine carpet

A GREYHOUND trainer who claimed his dog returned a positive urine sample to amphetamine after licking carpet which had previously been in a pub has been disqualified for two years.

Millfield trainer Gavin Howard was the subject of a recent Greyhound Racing NSW inquiry, charged with a breach of the prohibited substances rule, GAR 83 (2), after his greyhound Quick Shanks returned a positive urine sample to amphetamine when competing at The Gardens on June 3, 2016.

Howard pleaded not guilty to the charge and gave evidence that the positive swab was likely to be caused by contamination. Howard argued that the greyhound could have ingested the substance as a result of licking carpet in its kennel area, which had been sourced from a pub.

Howard also stated that the greyhound had eaten a piece of chicken which was given to it by an associate of Howard who has since admitted to using the substance.

Stewards found Howard guilty as charged and concluded that the presence of the prohibited substance was likely the result of the dog’s handlers.

Upon determining a penalty, stewards took into consideration that Howard had been disqualified in 2007 when another of his greyhounds returned a positive urine sample to amphetamine.

The greyhound, Quick Shanks, was also disqualified from the event in question under GAR 83 (2).

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  1. This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. It points up that it’s still business as usual in the greyhound racing industry and the lengths they’ll go to to keep it that way. What can you expect from an industry that commodifies innocent living creatures for profit? No regulation will change that.

  2. Is that all you’ve got Fred?

  3. I see you are " busy" again Fred using the donations of probably genuine people to make “profound” statements about the entire greyhound industry based on one person. It is pathetic and sad that you use money that I am sure people donate in the hope that old dogs get homes- when it appears they are used to fund your “job” writing crap on greyhound sites and well who paid for that expensive new bike you are posing on Fred? It’s just business as usual for the animal activists. Using money donated to fund an easy and self righteous life for themselves. How many old dogs got homes this year Fred as a result of your activities?

  4. I think we’re wasting our time on Fred Deborah. Looks like his posts are standard computer generated propaganda.