Topbetta Global Tote heads to Richmond & Wentworth Park next

Global Tote vs Ubet

THE went live this week at Topbetta, kicking off with the racing carnival.

Already punters are enjoying the benefits of a worldwide, wholesale tote that offers a point of difference to TAB and Tatts prices.

That was evident on Thursday night at Albion Park – the first greyhound meeting to feature on the Global Tote.

Compare the payouts for each winner:


 Race No. The Global Tote Ubet Mid Div Corp.
Race 1 $9.50 $7.10 $9.50
Race 2 $5.30 $5.30 $5.30
Race 3 $3.49 $2.50 $2.40
Race 4 $8.85 $4.30 $4.10
Race 5 $4.77 $3 $3
Race 6 $4.87 $3.20 $3.20
Race 7 $22.40 $22.40 $22.40
Race 8 $3.96 $3.50 $3.40
Race 9 $9.35 $9.90 $8.20
Race 10 $6.56 $4.90 $4.90
Race 11 $4.24 $3.30 $3.90
Total: $83.29 $69.40 $70.30


As you can see, the Global Tote paid better winning odds on nine of 11 races.

Some of those margins are quite significant – look at the discrepancies in races four and nine, for example.

Another refreshing thing about the GT is that, unlike the other Australian racing totes, it does not round down prices to the nearest 10 cents.

These numbers line up perfectly with what we saw at , where Topbetta’s payouts were higher in eight of 10 races and equal to the TAB in the other two.

It is a small sample size, but the early signs are very encouraging.

Global Tote at Topbetta

has also signed on, but it remains unclear if or when the British bookmaker will integrate the wholesale tote into its racing product.

Should that happen, Australian punters will be able to bet in the same pools as gamblers from anywhere Ladbrokes operates worldwide.

The next stop on the Global Tote’s maiden tour is the feature meeting at on .

A quick glance at the markets on and suggests we should see more of what the markets at Warrnambool and Albion Park dished up.

For example, let us take a look at the current tote prices for race seven – the Wagga .

At the time of writing, Cool Chap is the TAB tote favourite at +320 odds.

Over on the Global Tote, that same horse is paying +830 – more than twice the TAB price.

The Global Tote will also be available on Friday night’s ; and Saturday night’s greyhound meetings.

See the difference with your own eyes at

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