Track record holder Victa Damian odds on to win 2023 Group 3 Howard Ashton

Victa Damian wins heat of the National Derby
pictured winning the Derby at Wentworth Park on January 21 2023. (Photo: The Dogs)

In tonight's 2023 at Angle Park, the keen gaze of the greyhound racing world rests squarely on Victa Damian, the crown jewel of Tony and Lisa Rasmussen's formidable team.

Out of eight finalists in the $25,000 to-the-winner final, an impressive seven hail from the Rasmussen kennel.

Victa Damian, the standout local entrant, is the long odds-on -333.33 favourite with greyhound betting sites to emerge victorious from box one, a position he has earned through an impeccable performance throughout the opening fortnight of the series.

His heat win saw him match the 29.86 existing at Angle Park, a feat made all the more impressive by his demonstration of both blistering speed and robust strength.

2023 Group 3 Howard Ashton Heat 2 – Victa Damian (29.86 Equal Track Record)

Wet weather conditions may well have been the only factor preventing him from shattering the record last week.

Lisa Rasmussen, Victa Damian's trainer, expressed her delight at his semi-final run and his progression throughout the series.

“Very happy with the run, to be honest we are just happy when he gets through a run without any injuries at the end.” said Rasmussen.

2023 Group 3 Howard Ashton Semi Final 1 – Victa Damian (30.04) T: Lisa Rasmussen

2023 Group 3 Howard Ashton Semi Final 1 – Victa Marli (30.83) T: Tony Rasmussen

Lisa Rasmussen acknowledges that box one could potentially pose a minor hurdle for Victa Damian, especially given the high-quality field composed of his own litter mates.

“We are slightly worried because when they were pups and we first trialled them, is the one that hurt Victa Damian, last time they were together in a paired trial.

“We're just a bit worried that Damian does like to be a little off the track.

“Whereas the other boys, who none of whom are small, do like to rail.

“I would have preferred him to be the widest of the ‘Victas', but what will be will be.

“Hopefully he can push up and get himself out of trouble.” said Rassmussen.

Although Victa Damian will be the focus of all eyes on Thursday night, behind the scenes, the Rasmussen team will focus on maintaining their normal routine.

“The week has been really good, nothing changes with him, he's just such an easy dog to look after,” she said.

“We are very proud of our own dog that we bred being in (the race) and we're very honoured to be training the ‘Victa' litter that the Schadow family have bred, they are just amazing all of them.”

2023 Group 3 Howard Ashton Final

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