Boot Man Greyhound Trainer Gets The Boot For 9 Months

have today finalised a Stewards Inquiry in to registered greyhound trainer and his method of transport for his greyhound, Athena’s Joy.

GRV Stewards have found that Mr Burnett’s chosen method of transport was inappropriate, and having deemed it an issue, have disqualified him for nine months.

GRV Stewards on 24th March 2009 conducted an Inquiry into the alleged transportation of a greyhound to the Bendigo GRA selection trials conducted on the 9 January 2009.

Australian Racing Greyhound understand that investigations in to Mr Burnett’s practices only began once complaints were made to GRV Stewards by concerned greyhound owners and trainers.

Those concerned witnesses were present at a qualifying trial session at the Bendigo Greyhound Racing Club and saw Mr Burnett load Athena’s Joy in to a sedan car boot at the conclusion of the trial and drive off.

Athena’s Joy had finished tailed off in the qualifying trial and as not raced since. Her career record stands at 4 starts (including qualifying trial), all resulting in 4 unplaced runs.

Stewards heard evidence from Mr. A. Burnett, Mr. B. Polson (GRV Steward), and Dr. L. Beer (GRV Animal Welfare Business Officer).

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Allan Burnett with breach of GAR 86 (o) in that he did transport a greyhound in an inappropriate manner, which in the opinion of Stewards was improper.

Mr. Allan Burnett pleaded guilty to the charge.

Stewards found Mr. Allan Burnett guilty as charged and disqualified his registration for a period of nine (9) months.

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