Bushfires Impact Upon Lieshout’s Drouin West “Parumba Stud” Property

*** Update 8:20pm 8/2/2009 ***
Reports are to hand now that despite the fact the Lieshouts had to move all their greyhounds off the property and all fences and other infrasctucture are gone, their house and some shedding close to the house has been preserved.

Finally some good news and we’ll keep you updated as more news comes to hand.

Original report : 3:00pm 8/2/2009
Following on from reports that Eddie and had to evacuate their greyhounds to the Greyhound Racing Club yesterday, Australian Racing Greyhound can relay that we have so far had three seperate reports that the well known breeders, trainers and studmasters have been affected by fires that swept through the Drouin West area last night.

Mary Lieshout received national attention yesterday when interveiwed from her car by the national media while desperately trying to move their greyhounds away from the fire front. Lieshout made comment that she had over “100 greyhounds and over 100 or so cattle on the property”.

Australian Racing Greyhound can confirm that all greyhounds were able to rescued from the property before bushfires ravaged the property and home. It is unknown if any of the cattle were able to saved.

Eddie and Mary Lishout have had great success of a long period of time both as breeders and trainers, as well as studmasters from their Drouin West property known as . As recently as night, Lieshout was demonstrating his skill with a collar and lead by winning a 5th grade race at with Cold Alcatraz.

Australian Racing Greyhound can confirm that the likeable couple are safe and well and all their greyhounds could be saved.

At this stage we have unconfirmed reports that two more greyhound trainers have been affected by the bushfires but are awaiting further details.

We will bring you more news at it comes to hand.

If you have any first hand reports to pass on or requests for help and assistance please leave comments and we will attempt to do everything we can to help those in need.

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Gary Joske
Gary Joske
12 years ago

Thanks to Martin Nicoll and Andrew Inger from the Traralgon Greyhound Club ,they did everything possible looking after my 16 Greyhounds during the Fires.
Best Regards Gary Joske