Charlie Wilson stood down by Greyhound Racing Victoria

UPDATE: Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) have confirmed that Charlie Wilson has been stood down under GAR 92 (5)(c) pending the outcome of an inquiry.

The inquiry will look into Wilson’s admissions in regards to purchasing prohibited substances including Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (EPO) and Cobra Snake Venom, his admissions to administering EPO to a greyhound on two occasions and his admissions to entering the properties of registered trainers without authorisation.

Wilson comments on his suspension

CONTROVERSIAL trainer Charlie Wilson has been stood down by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) pending an inquiry following on from the latest scandal which has engulfed the sport.

Wilson has openly admitted to drugging his greyhound Big Show Mullo with Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (EPO) to expose the corruption he believes exists surrounding the doping of dogs within the industry.

The Victorian trainer said he informed officials, including the racing minister, of his actions in an email in early October.

“I ordered a lot of drugs from overseas and successfully brought them into the country,” the letter read.

“I purposely set this dog up on his box draw and price to gain the attention of GRV.

“I injected [Big Show Mullo] two days out [from the race on August 11] with 0.2mL intravenously of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin, which is a permanently-banned substance across all codes of human sports right through to animal racing.”

Wilson claims he tripled the dose at the greyhound’s next start, with a pre-race urine sample returning a negative reading to EPO.

He then says he presented GRV with over $1,500 worth of EPO during a kennel inspection, which he claims was then taken away and tested positive for the illegal drug.

Now, close to three months after making his shock doping admissions to racing officials, Wilson has confirmed to Australian Racing Greyhound that he has been stood down, pending an inquiry.

“[GRV officials] came to my house at 8am this morning,” Wilson said.

“They told me they were here to open an inquiry into the permanently-banned substances [taken from my property] as well as what’s been in the media recently.

“I had my house searched at my own free will, no drugs were found on premises, and I was then asked to drive to Werribee where I was interviewed by the police.”

Wilson, who says he has no desire to stay involved in greyhound racing, says he is relieved that GRV has finally taken steps towards cleaning up the industry.

“I praise the regulator for taking the correct actions, even though it took close to three months for this to happen,” he said.

“I hope now that this saga will make the government give Greyhound Racing Victoria the right powers they need to regulate this sport.

“Drug testing in Australia needs to be reviewed thoroughly by sports and doping analysts.”

Australian Racing Greyhound contacted GRV for confirmation, but they refused to comment.

Wilson has been at the centre of a storm of controversy over the past week, admitting to working with Animals Australia in order to conduct a hidden camera operation on several properties throughout the state.

The operation included alleged trespassing onto several residences in order to install and retrieve secret surveillance cameras, mainly set up within kennel blocks, to catch any evidence of doping within the industry.

“It was a very sophisticated operation and we were there to chase drug cheats – drug cheats have never been targeted,” Wilson revealed on Sunday.

“I was never paid, but I was asked to go in and capture world-first footage of greyhounds being doped.”

Past Discussion

  1. expected.

    now, lets just see if anyone from AA sinks with the captains ship.remember,they were fully participating in this until CW swung around on them.

    lets just see who is protected and who is not.and lets eliminate the bed sharing whispers doing the rounds that AA and GRV are to close for comfort.

  2. …and now a rant on facebook for all to see. I feel bad about all this,because I did not do as CW wished and thought outside of the box.

    he is where he is today because he did think outside of the box….how damn dumb are the rest of us for not thinking the same? is he for real? his sole purpose was to get back at the industry for indiscretions he blames on others.his rants about EPO sealed his fate as he never had a chance anyone before him drugged his dog/s…he admits he did it,so whatever chance he had of sending others to SING SING just disappeared out the window. so that is what a GENIUS MIND and an out of the box thinker,THINKS LIKE?

    leave me out of box thinking and squares.this has to have an ending soon as he is killing us,more than AA,but its those other rumours now doing the rounds about who actually is working at GRV,and probably OTHER STATES,and what exactly is their beliefs about dog racing and what are there agendas. if GRV refuses to inform who is who and what roles they play ,apart from there paid salaried positions,then these rumors will run rampant for a lot longer.the whole business stinks.

    and I would caution all trainers to say mum when talking to officers etc; just answer honestly and truthful,but do not take anyone in confidence…ever.

  3. CW has not swung around on AA….It’s all part of the plan, Is he on the payrole of AA??  Every effort should be made to determine this and if true AA should face the full brunt of the animal welfare laws after what he did to those poor dogs.

    ….IS HE ONE OF THEM ?….

  4. lone widow spyman  yeah. they pay every other nightowl why wasn’t he being paid? would u work for zero?read in one of their articles some were making k a trip???? huge money if true.

    as I said,lets see if AA get left alone on this. if they do,you guys better kick up a stink,because that to me would be like a deal has been done. talk about giving the enemy a second chance to come  back at ya. I want that reporter CARO brought before an enquiry. its her that is getting the glory,but who is supplying her the info? she is to dainty to go out after dark one would think….so who is setting up cameras and voice recorders for her to show on vision?

    who supplied her info for the live baiting? we have an idea,and you would be shocked when it comes CARO, who supplied you the nity gritty stuff for the live baiting episode,and who was supplying you in readiness for this aborted attempt as well?and I mean the guy/s who sold out there own…..

    uuhhhmmm,speak up gal.

    keep hearing his real name is not CW….anyone in NSW know who exactly he is?


    you donate to help animals in distress for whatever a donator,you get told that your money goes to help re-housing animals forced into a situation where they cannot help themselves,and protect them from perpetrators doing harm the whole basis is a similar operandi as the RSPCA….save a nimals and tend them and rehome them. when you discover your donations do nothing of the sort and see your money going towards covert operations to close down industries that has nothing to do with what that SOCIAL LICENCE was meant for,you query ,you have to, what is the real meaning behind NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATIONS that syphon millions of dollars from gullible kind people who just want to see animals PROTECTED.and despite some shocking sightings,most people still believe a cattle/pig/sheep industry for example,still needs to exist because man has done it this way and humans accept what is on there plate is the norm.its a socially accepted image and when a group tells you that we will be taking that priveledge away from you through your donation,i doubt humans would see it quite there way. its called selected choice….not forced opinion of its best done our way.

    so now we have a huge story in AUSTRALIAN that an insider who makes a great living out of the animal industry,acts as a double agent and burns the very industry he makes his fortune from.this is UNAUSTRALIAN and its a new age weapon used by those who want life run there way.

    this CW incident has at least done one thing. it has brought into the open the real style of AA and PETA and any other money making group hiding under the banner of NOT FOR PROFIT,including damn church groups,that now needs investigating into its real purposes in life.we humans are gullible and we are being taken for a ride. and even animal activists are being taken for a ride,because only a small minority gain from this,and it is not always the animal either.

    AA should now be queried on why they do not lose there SOCIAL LICENCE. 

  6. spyman lone widow There appears to be criminality needing to be investigated in people and organisations carrying out drug profiling without the necessary welfare safeguards. If anyone or any organisation can endanger greyhounds or any other animal with impunity in Victoria then the laws need to be looked at. It is a criminal offence for organisations to involved themselves in drug profiling without regulatory authority. Laws can differ on animal welfare between the states. In NSW for example it is a criminal offence to promote and stage hurdle racing but in Victoria it is allowed and rightly so in my opinion. (but thats a different matter). The top woman trainer in NSWi (Horses) races over the hurdles in Victoria. and equestrian events are allowed in NSW over the hurdles.

    My point is if AA is using a loop hole to encourage drug profiling in Victoria that is a criminal offence in NSW then what does it say for it as an ethical organisation.. The above is only my summing up from the information on the face of the report.

    Anyway have a great festive season..

  7. John Tracey spyman lone widow  JOHN,you have a wonderful xmas and a merrier new year.

    your input has been as always,balanced and honest. a obviously well learned man of the industry and a fair describer. if we are wrong and need correcting,u da man(as they say)but this has been a very strange year,and I predict nest season,will be even tougher.

    to you all who have been participating on this forum,its been a wonderful time and things I have learnt along the way. I am concerned we have not heard from DEBORAH for a a while now,and hope is all well on that front.

    so have a merry xmas and a happier new year to one and all.

  8. spyman John Tracey lone widow  Merry Christmas Spyman, Lone widow, John and Bob – I have been at the track with my baby girl (back to back wins I might add) but has an injury at the moment which I am working on  and doing some fencing on my farm.

    This bloke is beyond belief isn’t he? The ABC have denied having anything to do with this according to the Australian which suggests of course they are right up to their eyeballs in it and Lynney apparently has no idea lol. Charge him with trespass,  illegal surveillance and then top it off with a life time ban for drugging his dog. According to the Australian he claimed he paid 100K for two dogs and they were no good and some one had drugged them- more likely didn’t feed them because he was too busy running around at night on other people’s property.

  9. spyman John Tracey lone widow  PS “asked to collect World Class footage”? sounds like some one who probably tells people he works for the CIA- this is like some poorly scripted low budget black comedy with the producer wearing a tin foil hat. What fake book fantasy lives is not enough for some people now they want to go mainstream? lol

  10. Deborah555 spyman John Tracey lone widow Hi Deborah great to have you back all the best for the season to you and family.

    The double agent may have been inspired by his namesake in America who was responsible for personal actions that prolonged the Afgan Soviet War. The American was famous enough to have books written about him and a film in his honour. The only animals he harmed were human animals but some other animals may have been injured or killed by associated actions.

    The Australian counterpart should be of more concern than the above when it comes to animal welfare. Drug profiling and experimenting with animals without the necessary qualifications is the first law in the breach of animal welfare conditions. It is the foundation of why animal welfare prevention of cruelty was first legislated to stop cruel practices being performed in dark places. What might appear on the surface to some that some hapless person has been seduced by an overreaching animal welfare organisation to become a vigilante in their cause also puts the welfare organisations in a strange place as well because they are linked into “criminal behaviour” .

    MY comments need to be guarded as like everyone else I am commenting off the face of reports and my knowledge only applies to NSW conditions.

    The GRA Staff (other than the gRA Chief Steward charged) had to face a show cause with regards to them sanctioning drug profiling without accreditation in 2000 (see ICAC recommendations). The above faced possible criminal charges leading to a max 2 years gaol. The GRA scraped though the inquiry probably due to the fact that the drug company they were using was complicit as well.

    The GRA were working with trainers who were testing drugs on greyhounds in their care for the purposes of drug profiling. Unfortunately for greyhound racing the trainers involved were the ones that were out out by the ICAC  commission, but even if they were cleanskins the fact was much the same.

    If the above alleged circumstances had happened in NSW then both the trainers and the Welfare association should have been considered to show cause as to why they should not face criminal charges under animal welfare protection legislation. 

    If the above is not available due to loop holes in the Victorian legisaltion then these loopholes should be closed.

    Here is a cut and paste of the American counterpart. 

  11. John Tracey Deborah555 spyman lone widow  Thanks John I  didn’t twig to the name until you mentioned it  and had a look at the biography – I have seen a movie about Charlie Wilson and his “war” yes confirms my theory. Sad, mad or bad? bit hard to tell yet?

    I doubt animal welfare has crossed the minds of anyone involved in this bizarre story and if the ABC and AA are involved well I think faces covered in egg might be the end result.

  12. Deborah555 John Tracey spyman lone widow  welcome back DEB u winner u…..

    I pose this question.all other garbage aside written by CW,is it possible he has the support to have formed his own AA GROUP?sole operator,but he may feel he can do this on his own,and be rewarded for his efforts.there is no doubt he was hell bent on destroying grey industry,no matter what he says,he was going after the dog industry,on realising he needed the pro support of obviously AA,he joined forces. I do not believe for one moment that his version of not doing this for financial gain(has heaps he says)rings true.he wanted the rewards. when he met a brick wall with LYN WHITE at AA,and asked for his vids back.

    when she failed to give them over,he and ego were damaged,so turned on them….using the excuse to the dog industry he was infiltrating AA only to show them up. pigs. he lost his dream of financial gain,so he turned.

    HE WHO PROSTETETH TO MUCH IS GUILTY AS HELL rings  true with this guy.the more he talks,the more he lies and he then begins to attack those who dare ask sensible question,by demeaning their intelligence….to much defence and put down equals he is bothered by truthful questions.

    he will be torn apart in the GRV meeting…..he cannot be charged for drugs as he was never found guilty of a positive.he will be charged as bringing the sport into disrepute,a standard procedure. he will act on that by seeking a court appearance and attacking GRV on decisions made upon him,as he has had court victories…and hopes a settlement will occur. win for him.(just my thoughts).

    I have a suspicion there is more to all this.its weird how he was a NSW person,and that state was faced with the BAIRD MACHINE and was turned off…for a while.

    VICTORIA was tacking along. he comes to VIC and now this????? one has a mind like his…GENIUS,and that indicates to me,he is part of an agenda…either solely or a ‘you go ahead and set this state up’ and we will continue here doing what we started out.lets get the job done.

    smells of another behind the scenes set up that may include AA and ABC despite there rejections of being implicated.

    then why is it that CARO MELDRUM-HANNA is still being touted as being in bed with a greyhound dobber in NSW?

    ABC/AA and there reporter SF,have denied all links,but not CARO…we looking in the wrong place?

  13. spyman Deborah555 John Tracey lone widow Totally fair comment and congratulations to Australian Racing Greyhounds for brining it to the surface avoiding any chance of an ambush in the new year. People would 

    need to be wet behind the ears not to see something like this coming.

    What seems to be missing to me is an investigation at least at police level in Victoria to test the allegations (criminal conspiracy) If AA is complicit and there are criminal behaviour involved they should be dealt with accordingly. If the above is innocent of complicity and criminal behaviour they should be cleared. 

    One of the main rules of natural justice is not to ambush, both sides should be allowed to make their case, this is what is happening now with Australian Racing Greyhound  and probably other greyhound sites. Ambushes can lead to short term gains but become a disaster in the long term, a lesson that needs to be heeded by Government.

  14. John Tracey spyman Deborah555 lone widow  touche JOHN.

    this country,lately,has not been listening to its people.we ,in our industry,have shown what can happen if you do not listen to the people.

    aside though,they do appear to be listening to certain types of people(or groups) and they are actually setting precedents by dividing the people.they may be doing this unknowingly(?)but if this continues,we will have mass demonstrations like EUROPE,and then we will see who can govern this country,and on our government leaders of today,they would fail miserably in knowing what to do. uprisings are near,you wait and see. not so much in our industry,but life in general with its poor governance and rough shod decision making,can only go so far,before pandemonium breaks out.

    on GRV,i hope AGR follow up on what GRV are doing with information supplied and known about AA and its behaviour. I will be hoping the VIC POLICE are already involved,and if not,why not?

    please AGR and KEVIN PITSTOCK,you are a leader,you make sure these vital questions are answered correctly,and action is followed thru. if not,action needs to be put in place and have those responsible for NOT taking action,questioned deeply.

    AA do not deserve its SOCIAL LICENCE. and that gives me great pleasure in saying that.

    BAIRD, what goes around,comes around. we have stolen your thunder.

  15. Deborah555 John Tracey lone widow  shame when I have to ask myself continual questions.i am obsessed by this case.

    lets look at a report in the AUSTRALIAN PAPER done by our illustrious night stalker double agent.

    he is quoted as saying he was angry with being sold a couple of dud dogs(k for 2…not true)……….who sold the dogs? the people in the dog industry. agree?

    so why has he got angry and seek revenge (supposedly) on AA?…..THEY DID NOT SELL HIM THE DOGS!!!!

    the dog people sold him the dogs,BUT he now insists he wanted revenge and set up AA because he has had a gutful of them and there antics. so he appears to be blaming AA for the duds. AGREE?

    He is wanting us to believe his story about that now….how can you believe that crap? is he delirious or something?

    he went to AA to take his anger out on the dog industry,and that is definite,regardless of what he tries to convince us of in his mantras.

    this guy was burnt(allegedly) BY the dog industry,but seeks revenge on AA!!!!! what is wrong with this picture? he is lying,that is what is wrong.

    his sole intent was to damage the dog industry,on top of the live baiting scandal.nothing else quantifies for truth with his stories.he is now trying to cover his butt,and he is prepared to degrade our intellect when we show him up.first defence of someone struggling to win an argument is to degrade the opposition.he is doing this and he walks away when questioned.

    if  he is so angry with the industry,simply pee off. simple for a GENIUS MIND would it not be? appears not,so what is his motive.

    it will be financial thru a court challenge I feel.

    let us see in time.he says more coming.whats coming may be harmful for the industry,but it will also show him up for what he really is,and what his real intent was at the start.

  16. Deborah555 spyman John Tracey lone widow 

    Good on you Deborah,  it’s good to see a battler getting a win now and then. Let’s hope the injury is not serious.

    Just hate that fencing.

  17. spyman Deborah555 John Tracey lone widow Possible scenario- a most unusual person buys a couple of dogs for more than they were worth ( unlikely he paid K- )the grandiose fantasy of making a lot of money out of them does not pan out- gets angry- goes on to plan B of whatever grandiose delusion this person may have- spy on other trainers and sell the videos to Lynny and the gang and the ABC. AA does hand out serious money for some video information. Charlie Wilson was a very colourful American senator- wealthy, womaniser and I think a sort of double agent type bloke with a great deal of political influence who convinced one of the senate committees to provide him with heaps of money to fund particular foreigners with weapons (rocket type weapons to bring down planes)  Just the sort of fantasy for some one in need of one. I have doubts that there are any videos or surveillance cameras. I think AA and the ABC might now be getting worried about what type of person they are dealing with and maybe there is no evidence. I think some one may be very unusual and in need of attention in a very serious way. No one in their right mind would drug a dog to prove a point and then admit it. I mean if you were serious you would just ring up GRV and name some one surely- if you were convinced of trainers doing something that wrong. Bizarre all of it and really if AA and the ABC are involved they must be getting very desperate.

  18. lone widow Deborah555 spyman John Tracey  Yes very exciting  it is and she will be right in a couple of weeks. Yes the fencing never ends really. Hope you had a lovely Christmas lone widow.

  19. Deborah555 spyman John Tracey lone widow  word is WILSON is not his real name. FIELD is bandied around among some. the mystery thickens more.

    anyone have knowledge how we can check out whether someone served in the military?easy to say you did…..

    JOHN TRACEY you are switched on.any ideas?

  20. spyman Deborah555 John Tracey lone widow 

    In the Commissioners report an unknown American claimed that greyhound pups that were deemed to be no good were drowned at 3 months  of age.

    Sounds like the same mentality to me.

  21. Deborah555 lone widow spyman John Tracey 

    Yes and thank you Deborah. I have been very busy with my two puppy’s, they’re worth the time for sure.


  22. spyman Deborah555 John Tracey lone widow My take on the matter is that truth is often stranger than fiction and this current ambush should be tested under court conditions.

    Any  part of , or the whole of the conspiracy theories presented on this site could be right or partly right.

    The way I read the special commission into greyhound racing is that the intent of the report is to give the Government two options to close down the greyhounds.

    One by banning them outright under a breach of failure to satisfy the public interest on animal welfare related matters.

    Two, Making greyhound racing unviable by regulation.

    The forces against greyhound racing would have given up on greyhound racing being banned so their efforts would be now concentrated on forcing regulation.

    The upside to all of this to the greyhounds is that reform on regulation if properly done can lead to efficiencies in the sport and make racing more cost effective.

    The great weakness in the Government reforms to greyhound racing have been in their interference in marketing and promotion that has led to very unproductive results. The model of the alliance and its fighting fund trust is a much better model for marketing and promotion as it leads to actions by necessity and proper business (commercial) risk taking necessary to create advancements and promotional focus.

    The alliance to discretionary trust system should be continued by the greyhound community. If you look at the recent dispute ,closing of greyhound racing, as a marketing and promotion exercise where both sides have spent about the same amount on PR progressing their cases which would you pick of you were a business.

    1. The Team progressing the Government PR case through public service advisors or

    2. The Team progressing the Greyhound’s PR case  through the alliance and trust .

    There is clearly an argument for 2 to be considered.

  23. all jokes aside,we have to ask what type of industry we really have,when fools like CW want to wreak havoc on it.for what gain?

    will we suffer because of this egotists agenda? maybe yes,maybe no. publicity out of it just gets added to the negative file stored by the activists.

    but on hearing that one suspended old trainer wont take things lying down,and has a definite wish of I will have the last say regardless,maybe PAUL NEWSON was telling the truth when he claimed old stalwarts spat in his face from raging rants that they need culture as it was or they wont survive.and will never be reformed.i am beginning to see the light on this.

    I argued at that time he was crapping on with a hatched sentence to make us look bad. but if this suspended gafferhead who copped a heavy sentence does not get moved out completely,and with his future attempts to continually snub his nose at officialdom and its rules,we all will suffer on a continuous basis.

    he has made millions out of the sport,he has broken the rules umpteen times,yet he still sees his lot in the sport as his right…on his terms and his way.

    whilst that type exists,and CW exists,WE will always have a headache and a defence mechanism set up to control what this type says and does.and that is not enjoyment of the sport for us. always wondering what is coming.and its noted the same names crop up all the some guts officialdom,and rid them forever. or face continual harassment from THEM for ever. not a sound thought I feel

  24. spyman Your fascination in the above has a lot to do with the matter being home grown. The basic issue breaks down to a OHS (Occupational health and safety issue) and who should be helping someone who is showing signs of mental imbalance through stress related issues. The person involved appears to have issues worthy of investigation on the surface of reports but who carries the main responsibility. Welfare regulated organisations have OHS procedures that catch people with mental imbalance (Temporary or Permanent) and provide help.

    The behaviour being displayed is no more bizarre than behaviour by unregulated animal welfare groups and theirparticipants appearing in protests and inquiries. The welfare protest groups were controlled by the overseas professional protest groups while they were in Australia but they burst out in their mad glory once the overseas contingent went home “mission accomplished” (The premature withdrawal was there only real mistake).

    With owners of canines (outside of greyhounds) to constantly have a companion animal they go through many situations of palliative care with their companions and receive very little help re grief. Grief is provided in the form of services that are totally inadequate. The owners of greyhounds have a further problem as there has been a culture of rights of passage that greyhounds are disposed with similar to the rights of passage to provide animals for food. The grieving in these situations is less obvious but it is never fare from the surface.

    I would not worry about the PR aspects of the above case, My guess is that it would reflect very poorly on vigilante enterprises generally. The greyhound community needs at least one behavioural professional on its advisory panels and to this end the Welfare Trust has obtained such a person under section 13 of its deed. 

    Victoria Police probe covert camera claim
    The Australian12:00AM December 29, 2016

    Victorian police are investigating a series of incursions and covert filming said to have been orchestrated by Animals Australia on the properties of greyhound trainers, who have expressed fear that their privacy and safety have been compromised.
    A young couple living on one property have moved out after being “spooked” by the thought that operatives may have placed hidden cameras in their house, while the young son of another family is too scared to go to the kennels at night.
    As revealed by The Weekend Australian, in a post on his Facebook page last week West Aust­ralian cattle industry consultant Dion Russell acknowledged he was employed by Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White to fly to Melbourne to deal with the greyhound owner-turned-whistle­blower Charlie Wilson to expose alleged doping.
    Mr Wilson has claimed he and two operatives covertly entered a large number of Victorian greyhound establishments last month and placed, and later retrieved, hidden cameras.
    Neither Mr Russell nor Ms White would speak to The Aus­tralian or answer written questions, including about what activities they knew of or ­approved of, or were engaged in.
    Emails seen by The Australian show Ms White told Mr Wilson that Mr Russell had secretly worked for Animals Australia on its investigations overseas in recent years and was “good on his feet and can play whatever role is needed.”
    The emails suggest Ms White had several conversations with ABC Four Corners reporter Sarah Ferguson about a possible story.
    These include an email on Nov­ember 30 on whether the ­organisation should hold off giving “evidence” of alleged wrongdoing on a greyhound prop­erty to the regulator, Greyhounds Racing Victoria, in order to keep it for a Four Corners documentary in the new year.
    “Sarah is of the strong view that we need to take the evidence … to GRV,” Ms White, a former police officer, wrote in the email to Mr Russell, Mr Wilson, and a third person. An ABC spokesman played down these interactions and said: “Four Corners strongly rejects any suggestion it condones illegal activity.”
    It is understood Victoria Police met with GRV recently to discuss the issue.
    Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said: “Victoria Police is currently assessing all information in relation to this matter.
    The vice-president of the Greyhound Owner Trainer and Breeders Association of Victoria, Robert Britton, said he would make a formal complaint to police. He encouraged others whose properties were said to have been trespassed upon to do the same.
    “This is a million industry … somebody is trying to take it down by illegal means and stealth,” he said.
    Lisa Delbridge, who with husband Mark trains greyhounds near Balliang, west of Mel­bourne, said when Mr Wilson had told her by telephone that “there were cameras on our place”, she felt ill.
    She said her 11-year-old son Myles overheard the conversation and “started to freak out”
    “He won’t come out in the dark any more, it’s interrupted his freedom of how he feels safe.”
    Trainer George Dailly, who with his brother Tom and sister-in-law Andrea runs a greyhound property at Anakie near Geelong, said Andrea’s daughter Korie and partner Jake Loverso, who work on the property, will no longer live there since Mr Wilson told them it too had been targeted…..

    CW has the temerity to phone members and tell them their kennels were camera tainted.this guy is a gonner,and he deserves whats coming. claims he wont get charged!!! we shall see about that.he thinks he is a bargaining chip to counter attack what HE is responsible for….what a wanker. glad to see VIC POLICE are involved.dont show weakness though,and LYN WHITE anc co…u r gone missy.

  26. giving CW a rest for a bit,what the hell is going on at GREYHOUNDS AUSTRALASIA?

    closed down for 10 days over the xmas break leaving no service….AT ALL!!!!

    breeders,vets,stud masters and all enquiries on their responsibilies left in lurch because everyone went on xmas break?

    so add that to last minute ‘track condition’excuses to stop racing and any other excuse for stopping the industry going ahead,and one now really seriously needs to question who is behind all this? BAIRD,u awake son?

    an on GRNSW,weren’t staff harassed(allegedly) during the short shut off period,and screaming for help and to be listened,and WE supported their cause?

    now they seem to have turned on us with all these stupid(not all) decisions that smell of deliberate tampering?

    if they cannot do the job,sack them,replace them,and move forward.

    hard to do though if the jerk in charge is pulling the strings(poorly mind)to control all his puppets. 2GB guys need to give a quick call to the TAJ MAHAL and ask serious in depth questions,one would think.

  27. spyman We have ten glorious days to fix a few things up like overseas trade without their guidance until they return. Look for the silver lining.