Creighton Given 6 Months For Sale Dogs Altercation

have today handed out a six month disqualification to a Victorian greyhound trainer who was involved in an “altercation” at a greyhound racing track.

Remarkably though, it has taken Stewards nearly a whole year since the incident to finalise the and hand down the finding, without explanation.

According to the Steward Inquiry, Stephen Creighton became involved in an “altercation” with another licensed person at the Greyhound Racing Club meeting on the 28th May 2008, last year.

Today GRV Stewards finally today conducted an Inquiry into that incident, during which it was alleged licensed Trainer, Mr. Stephen Creighton, engaged in an altercation with another licensed person.

GRV Stewards heard evidence from Mr. Stephen Creighton (Trainer), and three licensed persons.

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. Stephen Creighton with breach of GAR86(q) of Greyhounds Australasia Rules in that he did engage in an altercation with another licensed person at the Sale GRC on 28th May 2008, which was detrimental to the interest, image, and promotion of greyhound racing.

Mr. Stephen Creighton pleaded guilty to the charge.

Stewards found Mr. Stephen Creighton guilty as charged and disqualified his registration for a period of six (6) months effective from midnight 22 May 2009.

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Amy O'Keefe
Amy O'Keefe
12 years ago

i think that steve should not have got a 6 month disqualification as he is NOT a threat to the greyhound industry and as it took nearly a year to bring this to the tribunal its not fair that he gets 6 months. Come on seriously thats a bit extreme


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