GAP Program Expands In To Jails

Prisoner Mick with GreyhoundRetired greyhounds are being prepared for life as pets by in-mates at the minimum security in ’s .

The , an extension of Victoria’s Program, is an Australian first and was officially launched by Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing, yesterday.

“It’s a great partnership between and , and the pilot has been so successful that it will soon be extended to other Victorian minimum security prisons Beechworth, Tarrengower and Langi Kal Kal”, Minister Hulls announced.

Four greyhounds at a time spend six weeks undergoing foster care at Dhurringile Prison, where they become acclimatised to domestic life and learn basic obedience training before being adopted into society.

, the Greyhound Adoption Program’s Foster Coordinator, has been thrilled with the results of the Prison Pet Partnership since it began seven months ago.

“Eighteen greyhounds have received foster care at Dhurringile Prison so far, and the results for all 18 have been overwhelming”.

“We currently have a shortage of foster carers so being able have greyhounds fostered through Dhurringile enables us to put a lot more greyhounds through the Greyhound Adoption Program.”

“The greyhounds that go through the prison are generally moreadvanced than greyhounds that go through normal foster care, partly because they are in foster care for a couple of weeks longer than usual, and also because the inmates are spending additional time training the dogs”, she said.

Minister Hulls also announced the $1.1 Million redevelopment of the Greyhound Adoption Program’s property in Seymour – due for completion in June – of which nearly half has been funded by the Government’s Racing Industry Development Program.

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