GRV Act On Heat

In a move that is sure to win support from greyhound owners, trainers, and even the animal welfare brigade, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) have acted sensibly on the heat policy for greyhound racing and announced that Saturday’s Healesvile meeting will likely be transferred.

With the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) currently forecasting temperatures of 43C for the Melbourne area on Saturday afternoon, the GRV has sensibly announced it will more than likely transfer the Healesville Greyhound Racing Association’s race meeting scheduled for Saturday 7th February 2009 to Sunday 8th February 2009.

If ther transfer occurs the meeting will commence at the normal starting time of 1.00pm.

A final decision on this transfer will be made at 9.00am Friday morning following the revised weather forecast from the BOM.

No word though on the Saturday night meeting scheduled for the MGRA”s Meadows track.

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