Lara raids still remain a mystery

CONFUSION continues to surround the circumstances which saw a greyhound racing property at Lara raided on Wednesday afternoon.

A Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) media release confirmed the GRV Investigations Unit and welfare officers attended an unidentified property following allegations of illegal activity.

Speculations began to arise that the property may have been that of Thomas Mitchell and Blake Shillington, both of whom had their greyhounds withdrawn as late scratchings from the Cranbourne meeting on Wednesday night.

News sources reported that the property near Geelong was connected to former leading trainer Graeme Bate who is currently serving a lengthy disqualification period. But he has since come out and said he has nothing to do with the property, which is owned by his wife.

Leading owner-breeder Paul Wheeler, who has greyhounds with both Thomas Mitchell and Blake Shillington, said he was not aware of Bate having any involvement in the situation.

Wheeler said he was unable to comment on the specifics of the situation, with GRV yet to notify him for a reason why eight of his dogs were scratched from the Cranbourne meeting.

“I don’t know what’s happened,” he said.

“I will get feedback from them (Mitchell and Shillington) as it becomes more public, but at this stage I don’t even know what the raid was about.

“Apparently eight or 10 people raided the property all at once, I don’t know what they found, if they found anything or if they have breached any rules – I have got no idea.

“It is (concerning).”

Bate has also fired back at allegations he is involved in the fiasco, claiming his wife owns the property and he has nothing to do with it.

“That’s got nothing to do with me at all,” Bate said.

“I’ve been out of the game for three years, it expires in January. I’m a 70-year-old I don’t have anything to do with the dogs.

“I’m sick to death every time there is a problem they blame it on me.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, GRV said the raids were acting upon information received from an external source.

“Today’s raid is the culmination of many months of covert operations,” GRV CEO Alan Clayton said.

“It is a significant day as it demonstrates a much more sophisticated investigations capability within GRV and a greater preparedness for the industry to trust the regulator and provide information about potentially serious matters.

“This is all about the regulator regulating. As we know our industry is made up of many mums and dads who do the right thing.

“Our actions today will serve as further warning to those who do the wrong thing that we will find you and we will take appropriate action against any illegal activities and serious breaches of rules and regulations.”

Past Discussion

  1. uuhhhmmmm…..I know nothin’

    if this is the whispers we have been hearing for some time now,the buggers were patient in waiting for the right strike time.

    one has to commend GRV on this type of action, it shows just how serious they are,and ALAN CLAYTON is proving to be a sensational leader.

    I know the innocent terminology will be raised until guilt is proven,but this does not surprise me at all.

    clean up the industry now,or it will never be proper. take note GRNSW….this is how you do it.

  2. Todman  for sure. many had been spruiking ‘involvement still’ by an ex member for quite some time. one would go nutty if we heeded all the whispers,but it seems some were on the ball. such an annoying clan actually,and the truth may never be known,but,as you state,if they do have something,it better be worth the effort as we do not need this type of publicity.


    I have to be honest,and say that the industry,in its own inimitable way,must applaud the performances of ALLAN CLAYTON and his team.

    when one listens to this audio,i feel there is a very serious breach taken place,and despite all the protestations of some who will always defend there mates,if this is a massive negative,it shows that past leaders DID FAIL in running this industry,and ALLAN raises that. I have heard for many years the UNBALANCED decisions between the top and the bottom,where many at the bottom cried FOUL PLAY for years,but always felt,and got told,they were crying like girls and were jealous of those who were succeeding.

    well, I also note, since ALLAN CLAYTON has taken over,and in particularly the drugs testing,the field has somewhat balanced up. or is it just me noting these things?classics, normally dominated by the top echelon,are now being distributed to even the lower groups of trainers. why? is it they have lost there touch?(pardon the pun)or has the lower group,overnight,discovered they can also train(tongue firmly fixed into cheek).

    since the new team at GRV has taken over,and a lot of ex-police force obtained,the drugs situation has balanced. and I am not talking about silly errors in using knackery beef or the useless injections to close to race time of useless vitamins etc;,I am talking hard stuff.

    who can recall the infamous WHITE POWDER? had an acquaintance get pinged for enquiring on the internet about it. but that’s where it stopped.

    not now. you play against the rules,and you will get pinged. I,agree with some who are calling for frozen past tests to now be opened and retested. we will see just whether they were ever stored,and if the new techniques are going to define who are the real trainers,and who has been ruining the sport for own gains.

    interesting times ahead I am sure.

  4. I know i sound like a broken record because i have said it all before.

    ‘If this is about drug use’,  a ”Lance Armstrong” scenario should apply. All prizemoney earned by these fraudsters should be seized.  If it’s good enough for ‘World Cycling’ then it’s good enough for Australian Greyhound Racing.

  5. lone widow  hearing you loud and clear Lone Widow.

    I doubt held frozen ever existed, BUT if they did,a lot will be packing themselves,including the few I have encountered who laughed in my face about dog quality and training ability. we shall see who gets the last laugh.

    the stories I could tell.

  6. not a lot found I am being told.a few minor bags etc;….think its more based around who was on the property when they should not have been.

    sources close are saying its a beat up???

    time will tell.

  7. oh it just gets better and we have double agents,media heavyweights in on the act,and a BIRD(BLUE WREN) Tweeting away and asking coverts to be ‘safe tonight’….

    what drug am I on? zero. zilch nothing.

    a facebook posting by a disgruntled ex owner trainer admitting he ‘double dipped his wick’into the world of espionage,was clearly seen and copied and pasted on other sights.seems the warrior,or MAX SMART, has been involved covertly,and wanted all the glory.when BLUE WREN(aka LYN WHITE OF AA) would not play the game his way.a damming email has openly shown what skullduggery  AA has been up to,and being backed by a financial supporter(name withheld)and posted for all to see.appears our AA lady of the night,or the VEGAN WARRIOR,has been playing filthy,and that alone makes her look a disgrace in the battle.

    so,here we have a player wanting to be a hero,getting involved with the enemy,double agenting them,not getting what he wants,so skips the border to the opposition,and spills his guts to the GRV who act accordingly. Christ what do we have here?Tom Cruise would love to play this role….lol

    look,i am a believer that drugs and baiting have no position in this sport,and those involved need rubbing out.i query AA’s tactics,and I question GRV’s ability to have the ability to bring drug cheats to account. IF,and I said IF,there are charges to be laid,why has it taken a MAX SMART type to bring this to a head,and not the elite GRV squad?even AA outdid them again,with creeps though on a payroll funded by a magnate.

    and just one final word on this. the saying of ‘do what I say,not what I do’, is firmly part of the MAX SMART person.GRV need to be careful in who to trust when getting information,and checking around,one finds some nasty smells that just seem to linger.

    all in all,this is good for the industry,and it shows,just like the RUSSIAN athletes,and LANCE ARMSTRONG,and any other cheating episode,that in time,someone spills the bucket of acid,and many will get burnt.and some of this clan,deserve running out of the country actually,but one or two  who should go down,just might escape penalties. might.

    maybe now,if this is as secretive and damaging as ts painted,we battlers will have a chance to have an industry rid of those mongrels who have been defrauding us for decades.

  8. Todman  lol. gosh haven’t heard that saying for centuries….lol.

    it appears they have heaps,and so does AA and so does 4 CORNERS. ALL GEARING UP for a 2017 attack on the industry.

    but a snoop and double agent turned on them(why I wonder) and it has smacked them right in the choppers.such nasty stuff to,and watch everyone go to ground,especially the financial supporter of AA.interesting times for dirty jobs is touted.

    maybe this is what and why BAIRD has held back on repealing the bill.been told about the BIG STORY coming out,and held back

    alan and ray,you need to ask ya dinner mate whats up mike. whats really behind your sicko mind??

    and don’t let this be the nail in the coffin,because MANY have been complaining GRV.GRNSW have been lax in the drugs follow ups for years,so its not like its a brand new chapter either.

  9. now we have a NSW pollies missus financially backing the AA activities.

    when will this be spoken about proper?

    one may think,again,this is a definite BAIRD knowing,hence the hold back on the BILL being repealed. I smell a dirty,big stinking rat,eminating out of AA and NSW state government. they want you guys closed at all costs.

    I also strongly suggest,all participants nabbed for soft drug charges,have those charges stopped and suspended until GRV/GRNSW/GRQ, can prove that trainers dogs have not been midnight touched by drug addicts employed by AA and LYN WHITE.

    RAY HADLEY and ALAN JONES and PAUL MURRAY need to know about all this.this stinks to high heaven.

    the silence and lack of comments has me stunned.

  10. the names being mentioned are huge.LARA will be demolished by end of all this.

    and ot think stewards of yesteryear missed all this. interesting.