Lure Drivers Gambling Disqualification Reduced On Appeal

’s appeal against his nine month disqualification has been dismissed by the GRV Appeal board.

Lanyon was found guilty in April 2008 of engaging in betting transactions whilst officiating as Driver at the Greyhound Association during 2007.

GRV imposed a nine month disqualification on Lanyon at the time, but at yesterday’s appeal hearing that penlty was reduced to 6 months disqualification effective from midnight 19 September, 2008.

Mr. Alan Marshall appeared on behalf of Mr. Lanyon, with Mr. Lanyon in attendance, at yesterdays appeal hearing and Dr. represented the Stewards .

After hearing all the evidence tendered, the GRV Board resolved :

  • The appeal be dismissed
  • The penalty of 9 months disqualification be varied to 6 months disqualification (effective midnight 19 September, 2008).
  • Appeal fee to be refunded.

Lanyon will be eligible to apply for a GRV licence in March 2009.

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