Mallia-Magri Wins Sandown’s First $500 Rapidvite Added Bonus

Lara trainer is the first winner of a $500 product voucher simply by nominating a greyhound for a Grade 5 heat at .

As part of a promotion between Rapidvite and Park, every six months one greyhound that has been nominated for a Grade 5 series at Sandown Park will be drawn at random, with the greyhound’s trainer to receive a $500 voucher to use on the Rapidvite product of their choice.

Mallia-Magri nominated handy country performer Sisco Train for the Traction Control Damsels Dash on Thursday 31 July 2008.

The random draw for the $500 Rapidvite voucher is additional to the $100 Rapidvite voucher and Sandown Tabaret dinner voucher on offer to the winner of each of Sandown Park’s 15 Grade 5 series throughout the year.

The next Sandown Grade 5 final, the Damsels Dash, will be run on Thursday 15 January 2009.

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