Pentland Primary School’s Greyhound Angel Wins Her First Trial

’s mascot, a greyhound named Angel, had her first trial at the Melton Greyhound Racing Club yesterday, and proved she is a star in the making.

Angel has been a regular visitor to the Bacchus Marsh school since she was three weeks old, with the 130-odd students watching Angel grow from a tiny puppy into a sleek muscular racing greyhound.

A small group of students were in attendance at the Melton GRC yesterday to see Angel have her first trial, which was against two other greyhounds, and they were very excited to see her first past the finish post to win by almost 2 lengths.

“The two pups she trialled against today are a lot fitter than she is because they’ve had a lot more fitness work, so I was very impressed that she beat them”, proud trainer said. “She has plenty of early speed and I think she might win a few races.”

Roberts’ Grade 6 twins Christian and Georgia attend Pentland Primary School.

Angel, now 21 months old and a daughter of Irish sire King’s Cadet, is about six weeks away from her first race start, but her race name is yet to be confirmed.

She is owned by a few teachers at Pentland Primary and any she wins will be donated to the school.

The students yesterday learned various aspects of what happens at a greyhound track, from arriving to prepare to race, placing the greyhound’s racing vest on and seeing them placed in the starting boxes.

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