Sandown Greyhounds Trial Prototype Water Saver

Sandown Park greyhound racing venue will save an estimated 15 million litres of water this year thanks to a new recycled-water project.

The $170,000 prototype project will act as a model for all other greyhound tracks in Victoria.

It will allow the club to collect, filter, store and re-use run-off from its track and maintenance shed roof.

From 2005 to 2006 Sandown Park used 17.6 million litres of potable water to maintain its track. The club estimates that this year it will use just 2.4 million litres, a saving of 15 million litres of valuable drinking water.

Water Minister Tim Holding praised the club and its engineers, DCE Consulting, for installing the technology and making a significant contribution to Victoria’s water knowledge.

“Doing things differently and taking new approaches in water management are key strategies behind the Victorian Government’s Victorian Water Plan,” he said.

“And the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club is to be congratulated for showing us how that plan can work so well to advance sport in Victoria.”

Club chief executive Matt Corby said monitoring by the club had indicated that the new system would operate at better than 90 per cent efficiency in terms of its capacity to recycle water from the track

“Most importantly this project will ensure jobs will be retained here at Sandown, which until recently was jeopardised by the lack of water,” Mr Corby said.

The club has also pressurised the track’s irrigation system and installed enough new tanks to store up to 250,000 litres of non-potable water. That resulted in an 88 per cent saving in the amount of mains water the club needs to run its external track operations.

Courtesy : Bridget Cook, Star News Group

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