Victorian Greyhound Racing’s First Anabolic Steroid Positive Swab Is Imminent

Australian Racing Greyhound sources have confirmed that (GRV) are close to making public their intention to hold inquiries in to two seperate to

Sources have revelealed that two unconnected post race swabs have revealed the presence of an Anabolic Steriod on “A” sample testing.

It is thought that at least one of the samples has tested positive to .

As is GRV policy both swabs will need to test positive to the same substance on “B” sample testing for GRV Stewards to determine that those involved have a case to answer.

And as is customary in this situation, those involved also have the option to have the “B” sample tested at a different analytical laboratory to the one the “A” sample was tested.

All Victorian greyhound urine swabs are screened for drug detection by Racing Analytical Services Limited, the same lab used by Victorian harness and thoroughbred stewards.

No one at GRV headquarters was able to comment on any impending positive swabs to Anabolic Steroids when contacted by Australian Racing Greyhound, however if our sources are correct,that will change once “B” sample results are confirmed and the involved parties notified.

If information to hand is correct, GRV Stewards could be setting dates for those inquiries as early as next week.

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[…] reported here recently, Victoria has officially now recorded its first positive swab to an Anabolic Steroid, and if […]