Crossley’s Star On Coin Set To Stay Put In WA & Prepare For Perth Cup

Bringing the wrong dog to track for the final was not trainer ’s idea of the perfect preparation for the Young Stars Classic on Saturday night. Fortunately Crossley had two entrants, one being the winner .

“I can’t really believe that I made that mistake, I ended up taking Boss Coin down instead of Celtic Coin.” John Crossley said.

Despite the mistake and subsequent fine from the stewards, Crossley was able to laugh off the situation thanks to On Coin’s speedy victory in the feature race.

Crossly’s mind must have been elsewhere during preparation for racing last Saturday night as he couldn’t even use the excuse that they looked alike; “I wish they where the same colour! Celtic Coin is a red brindle and Boss Coin is a really light brindle.”

“How I put him in that trailer without realising I will never know.”

“I wouldn’t think I would make that mistake again!”

Not even the late scratching could take away from the exciting victory of On Coin. He looked a certain winner as he charged past equal favourite Te Amo, recording a race record time of 30.10.

“He had the right box (two) to go from and everything worked out the way I figured it would.”

“I figured Te Amo would lead most of the way, and he could get at the back of her with a clear run from the first bend he would win.”

“When On Coin’s time went up and it was 30.10 I was very pleased, it was an excellent time.”

“He came out pretty quick and got up underneath her on the first bend and it was all over.”

Te Amo is an outstanding dog in her own right, recently taking out the over 490 metres, but she wasn’t able to contend with the strength that On Coin threw her way.

“As soon as he went under Te Amo I thought he had the race…..unless he got injured.”

“He has run with her a few times, but he has given 6 or 7 lengths to her before he over takes her.”

On Coin has made a habit of finding himself at the rear of the field, and running into every inch of trouble he can before powering home to victory. It came as no shock that he ran 30.10 after finding little to no trouble during the final.

“The only reason he hasn’t run those times on the last few runs is because he has been caught up on the first bend and he has had outside box draws.”

“He has been belted around a few times but he still comes home strong.”

On Coin holds the record as 3rd fastest time of 29.85 at Cannnington over the 530 metre distance, second only to the mighty Miata’s 29.81 and 29.84 efforts.

“He can run those times but any hold ups on that first bend he will find it hard.”

“If he gets a clear run he will run these times all the time.”

During the week both Celtic Coin and On Coin had injury worries that left Crossley worried that he may have to scratch his two dogs from the final.

“We had Celtic Coin bust a nail a few days prior to the race and On Coin took skin off his pad.”

“The pressure was on, I had two dogs in the final on three legs walking like cripple crabs.”

“On Coin could have a broken toe and he would still chase, he wouldn’t care about any injury.”

Any question marks Crossley had coming into the race with On Coin where dismissed after his outstanding performance.

The son of West On Lee – also had two litter siblings make the final of Saturday’s Young Stars Classic; the scratched Celtic Coin and ’s West On Santo, who finished 7th. Both are talented youngsters in their own rights.

Celtic Coin has won over $60,000 from 37 starts; and West On Santo has been plagued with injury with just 11 starts under his belt for six wins.

Mother West On Lee is currently leading the 2013 WA Dam of the year at Cannington. In the hands of John and Brenda Crossley she has caused her fair share of trouble as she was a master of escape.

“She is behaving herself now and settling down really well.”

“West On Lee is absolutely brilliant, I can’t see anything beating her for broodbitch of the year.”

“She will be here for the rest of her days.”

West On Lee currently has a 9-month-old litter to .

“They look alright, you can never tell until they get broken in and have the old clock on them.”

If her previous litters are indication, there is a very high chance that another Surf A Coin or On Coin could grace the Cannington racetrack in the future.

Back to the West On Lee’s immediate stars though, and traveling with On Coin interstate is a possibility that Crossley has put thought into.

“He is really a 530 to 600 metre race dog, if he missed the kick in interstate races he doesn’t have enough time to make up on them.”

With the still months away, On Coin will stay on home soil to ensure he is 100% ready for WA’s biggest race.

On Coin is up against in the form and Dannie Bale at Cannington on Saturday night in the main Free For All race..

Jumping from box seven at 7.50pm Perth time, it should prove a race worth watching as On Coin will not be able to give away a large lead to either Zelemar Fever or Dannie Bale if he wishes to come home with the victory.

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