Perth Cup And Galaxy Podcast – Kristie Collyer And Tammy Collins

We got to sit down with the Victorian girls for an informal chat about their trip to WA and the chances for their dogs in tonight’s races.

Kristie Collyer And Tammy Collins Podcast

ARG: Okay we are here for the second EVER podcast on ARG, I’m joined by Tammy Collins and and Molly Haines as well. So how’s the trip been girls?

TAMMY COLLINS: Yeah, the trip has been really good Damo, the weather has been lovely. The people are lovely over here, so I’ve had a good time, how about you, Kristie?

KRISTIE COLLYER: Yeah, I have been over here for nearly two weeks on Monday, so I’m loving it. Linda’s staff are just great and made me feel very welcome coming over here and I just joined in this part as part of the team.

ARG: So you don’t want to go home?

KRISTIE: No, not really but I got dogs at home so little Lucy Wires is over there, getting back from her injury when she’s cracked her fibula. So, I want to be back with her as soon as I can.

ARG: You’ve got the other one at home, haven’t you, Lois’s Angel? I still remember the first time I saw you handle a dog back at years ago, it was Lois’s Angel. So we’ve stepped up a fair way from the Lois’s Angel days to One Finals!

KRISTIE: Definitely, I mean Lois’s Angel was my little baby. I was there when she was born and picked her when she was – come out of her mum and then she wasn’t the best racer but she’s got a beautiful home now, living with me and, she’s got her own bedroom, lives in her own room in her own double bed and –

ARG: Doing it tough?!

KRISTIE: Yeah, really tough, but she can’t sleep with me because she takes up too much room in the bed!

ARG: And how’s the trial track and Lara going without your assistance then?

TAMMY: It’s going really good apart from the heat on the weekend, so we’ve had to cancel the trials this weekend just due to the heat and the of the dogs –

ARG: Been flat out apart from that, or?

TAMMY: Yeah, been crazy but it’s good.

ARG: That’s good, that’s good. So what else has been happening while you’re over here aside from the greyhound part of the world?

TAMMY: Just been hanging out with Kristie a little bit and, she’s been taking me around and showing me around a little bit.

ARG: Do any fishing or ?

TAMMY: No, no fishing for me.

KRISTIE: I have been lucky I have been getting taken out crabbing and been taken out on – one of Linda’s mates called Rocky has been taking – took me out on this little pontoon party boats. So we had a cruise round there with me and Emily.

ARG: Smashing a few drinks, or – ?!

KRISTIE: No. Me drinking? Never!

ARG: Behaving yourself? Behaving?

KRISTIE: Just a few slabs of Coronas – that’s alright!

ARG: So what’s happening with the team for tomorrow night?

KRISTIE: Just a nice little easy work leading into tomorrow night – so, keeping them all happy and firing and ready to go.

ARG: So who’s the one you’re going to steer us to? Gold Affair Two or Born Ali?

KRISTIE: Definitely Born Ali, having the red – it’s a big advantage having the red in any group race, so.

ARG: I’m siding with Tammy on this one. I think is the one from the three box. What do you think, Tammy?

TAMMY: Hopefully, with a little bit of luck early I think it’s gonna all depend coming out of that corner. There is a little bit of pace and I just hope she doesn’t get in the mix of it and hopefully she lobs nicely, but she’ll be running home hard.

ARG: You’ve got a couple of other runners on the night, Dyna Werribee and Liara Allen?

TAMMY: Yeah, Liara Allen’s in the consolation. She’s drawn box six but she’s going to find it hard from out there. But she never gives up, wherever she is in the race, she always keeps on trying. Dyna Werribee she’s back over 700. She ran a really good race last week, running third behind Born Ali. Box seven tomorrow night is going to suit her, so hopefully she can get out of the box and get into the race early.

ARG: So what’s the plans post Saturday night?

TAMMY: After Saturday night? Well, I fly home on Monday, Dyna Willow is in next Saturday night. So, get her home ASAP and get her back into home and give her a bit of a light week after traveling and that. But Dyna Werribee and Liara Allen, I’m not sure what dad will have on the cards for them.

ARG: What about you, you head back on Monday as well, Kristie?

KRISTIE: No, I’m actually heading home at 9:45 on Sunday, so…

ARG: Alright no rest for the wicked?

KRISTIE: No rest! Got an early start on Sunday and then get home and yeah, it’s time to get the girls settled for the big races on Saturday night.

ARG: And what’s the plan ahead for Lucy Wires, speaking of Lucy?

KRISTIE: Coming back from her injury she’s, yeah, just hopefully that injury holds up and then she’s in the big race on Saturday night.

ARG: And speaking of injury, the topic that we don’t want to ask – but ?

KRISTIE: Yeah. No, there is a bit of a disappointment after what happened to her in the race. But I’ve just been nursing her through her injuries, spending every day and night with her, trying to make her comfortable and just cruise her through the way home till we get her home and find out what the actual injury is that she’s sustained from the race. So, I can’t really answer on that one really.

ARG: No worries, well hopefully, hopeful tomorrow night after Gold Affair Two, or Born Ali, or Dyna Willow win we’ll have a few beers and enjoy the night?

KRISTIE: Oh, definitely.

TAMMY: Definitely count me in!

ARG: Alrighty, thanks girls.

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