RWWA Hand Down Four Month Disqualification For Northam Cup Day Misconduct

today concluded an into an incident involving Owner/Trainer Mr Michael Hine, which occurred in the public area during the race meeting conducted at Greyhounds on Monday 1st October 2012 (Northam Cup Day).

Evidence was heard from Mr M Hine and RWWA Stewards Graham O’Dea and Chris Courtland.

Mr Hine pleaded guilty to a charge under R86(o) for misconduct with the particulars of the charge being that Mr Hine swore several times in a loud manner and punched a glass window pane causing it to break whilst in the public area during the race meeting.

Mr Hine was disqualified for a period of four months with immediate effect, expiring at midnight on the 10th February 2013.

When considering penalty, the Stewards took into account the following:

  • The circumstances leading up to Mr Hine’s misconduct on the day.
  • Mr Hine’s personal circumstances.
  • Mr Hine’s guilty plea, frank and forthright admissions and remorse.
  • The seriousness and circumstances of the offence.
  • Mr Hine’s undertaking to fully re-imburse the club for the property damage caused.

Further investigations and inquiries in relation to the conduct of other licensed persons on Northam Cup Day are continuing.

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