Seeka Dream Hearing Adjourned

The today inquired into a report from the Racing Chemistry Laboratory in Perth that the post trial urine sample taken from the Greyhound after it had won Qualifying Trial 2 at on Thursday 11th September 2008, contained the prohibited substance .

This finding has been confirmed by the Racing Science Centre in Brisbane.

Evidence was taken from Trainer Mr J. Millsteed, Mr C. Russo Manager of the Racing Chemistry Laboratory and Dr. P. Symons RWWA Industry Veterinarian.

The was adjourned to a date to be fixed to allow Trainer Mr J. Millsteed to seek further analytical advice.

Flunixin is a powerful anti-inflammatory used in horses and “downy” cattle, the most common source of 4-D meat or pet food grade meat. Flunixin contaminated meat has frequently been identified as a potential source of “accidental” positive swabs in greyhounds.

Notwithstanding that, its use was prevalent amongst greyhound trainers in the 80’s before today’s stringent swabbing protocols came in to existence.

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