Sveta Monelli’s All Star Win A Testament To The Hobby/Quinsee Partnership

David Hobby’s Sveta Monelli reigned victorious in the All Stars at Greyhounds Cannington last Saturday night.

The 33kilo bitch drew box one for the second week in a row, using it to her advantage, railing throughout to take home the $40,000 in .

Sveta Monelli stole favouritism from WA’s freak dog in the lead up, paying $2.40 for the win.

Running a powerful second from box six, On Coin left his run home a length too late.

“I was quietly confident, she had box one and a lot of early toe.” Trainer David Hobby said.

“Obviously box one is a big advantage in any race, especially a feature race final.”

Coming into the race Hobby rated the duo Te Amo and Sam’s Sionara over John Crossley’s On Coin.

“I wasn’t all that worried about On Coin in the sense that I thought the box didn’t suit him.”

“The biggest danger was the early pace out of box seven (Sam’s Sionara) and eight (Te Amo).”

Even with the Mandurah Cup win under her belt, on paper Te Amo lacked the strength that was needed to run down Sveta Monelli and hold off On Coin.

“Te Amo has obviously has got a lot of early pace but we have beaten her a few times before.”

“We held Te Amo last week, from a similar draw.”

With the scratching of Linda Britton’s third contender, Gomes from box two and the entrance of Paul Stuarts De Wade, Hobby believed that De Wade had the capability to make the race harder for his bitch.

“De Wade has a little bit more early pace then Gomes, and if he got out and came across and did any checking it would have effected her.”

“She isn’t the type of dog that will come from behind, you wouldn’t want any interference at all.”

“As it turned out, he didn’t get in her road, if anything it helped because De Wade stayed off the track.”

Hobby had confidence in his bitch’s ability to hold off On Coin, even though On Coin has been in worse positions and still snatched the victory.

“When On Coin got to third spot down the back and he was coming and Te Amo had room along the fence, I still thought we had a big enough break.”

“When they run past me, back at the 530 boxes, On Coin was gaining on her, on straitening up she seemed to get that extra length as he ran a little bit wider around the outside.”

Sveta Monelli’s fast break from the boxes set up her 15th career victory.

“She ran through the first turn super, if you run her first sectional (5.72), its just motoring.”

“That’s what wins races, good dogs will get through to the turn quick.”

“That is why I was confident, if she could hold the front, she is quick through the turns and she can straighten up the front with no pressure, generally she can balance up and win.”

The daughter of Mogambo – Foolish Monelli is owned and bred by Mike and Michelle Quinsee and has now won over $80,000 in prize money.

Whelped by Hobby himself, and sent to be reared in New South Whales by Martin Hallinan, her litter of seven has won 60 races and received over $180,000 worth of prize money between them.

“Marty has 200 acres and I have sent quite a few litters there before, he does a good job and they get plenty of galloping.”

“They stay and get broken in over there.”

“When they where breaking in, they where all reasonably quick; they all had reasonable ability.”

“When they go away to be broken in don’t really chase times, I generally get them broken in and then bring them home and try them all out.”

When the litter was being broken in there was no standouts, just an even array of talent throughout. As they started to make it to the tack the two bitches Luba Monelli and Sveta Monelli showcased their superiority, with brother Slava Monelli not far behind them.

has recently showed interest in some of the litter, buying Igor Monelli, Kova Monelli and Slava Monelli for what Hobby describes as a good figure.

“We didn’t chase them, they made inquiries to the point that we accepted.”

“Every dog in this kennel is for sale, except for the ones we ear mark to bred with, mainly because of the amount of litters we have.”

“I can only hold 30 greyhounds and when you got 30-40 pups coming through they will need to be sold at some stage.”

When choosing the Quinsee and Hobby where looking for a bit of size in their pups, and that is what they got. The dogs are racing around the 38kg mark, Oleg weighing in the heaviest at 40kgs and the bitches around 32kgs.

“What we were looking for; we got.”

“I don’t get involved, he does ask me but by and large, I leave it up to Mike to choose. If he comes back with something I don’t like I will say so and he will look at a different option.”

“Mike chooses the sires, and I do all the work.”

In regards to selecting Mogambo to sire the Foolish Monelli litter, Hobby believes that at the time, and even now, there isn’t a lot of super stud dogs out that are prolific producers.

Mother, Foolish Monelli is due to be mated up to within the next day or so for her next litter.

Although coming from behind is not something Hobby is confident Sveta Monelli has the ability to do, her early speed makes up for it.

“If she got lead she wouldn’t run anything down.”

“The way the boxes where drawn (in the final), it was set up for us to lead, and we got to the front and run time like I thought she could, we would be very hard to run down.”

“I thought the Coin (On Coin and Celtic Coin) dogs where drawn perfectly for me.”

Named Sveta, after a Russian water polo coach that coached Quinsee’s children, the rest of litter’s names followed suit.

“We generally try to name them something similar, from something.”

“They always have some sort of meaning.”

The decently sized bitch is not short on personality, without causing trouble around the kennels.

“She is just a normal dog, she can be a little bit noisy when it is time for exercise or tea time.”

“You know she is there, without being over the top.”

After Sveta Monelli’s All Stars win she received a direct entry into the semi’s of the .

“I am looking to have a go at that.”

As for what’s next after her racing career, Sveta along with her sister Luba will be Hobby and Quinsee’s next brood bitches.

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