Victoria Caves To Vocal Minority On Jumps Races


I have just got back from watching the Grand Annual Steeplechase live at the track and have just heard the announcement that Racing intend to give jumps racing a “fair hearing” before finding them guilty and sending jumps racing in the same direction as Harold Holt. To say this is a gross travesty is an understatement.

To appease the whinging dreadlocked centrelink sponsored minority who comprise the “animal ” brigade, Victorian Premier has just released a statement saying he “welcomes the decision by RVL to suspend jumps racing”.

Make no mistake, the people that have fired this debate have no intention of stopping at jumps racing. They chose it as an easy target to test the water. Their motives and ultimate intention is to stop all racing, thoroughbred, standardbred and greyhound racing included. To cave to these manipulative, self-interested parasites is to give them credibility and confidence.

Jumps racing is just the start. Greyhound racing has been targetted overseas and the day is not far off, when we will have to answer the call to arms to defend our own racing code to the fullest.

On a personal note, it’s hard to see the Carnival succeeding without the spectacle of legend making races such as The Brierly and Grand Annual Steeplechases. In turn that will not only dramatically affect the local economy but will impact upon the and Cups Carnival at the greyhounds as well. Change is always inevitable in life, change for the better is always welcomed, but this is change for a small minorities sake and no-one will benefit from it.

Many of those horses that support the jumps industry are unwanted flat racers. It is a sad fact of life that, as one trainer eloquently put it today, “If jumps racing is banned, who is going to be the one out-bidding the pet food abattoir buyer at the livestock sales?”

There’ll be no jumps trainers there to take the horse on, they’ll all be gone and I’m damned sure the same lentil eating, dreadlocked masses of the great unwashed and professional welfare recipients, who pushed so hard for the end to jumps racing; won’t be there either. They don’t really care what happens to the horses. They just need a cause to justify their idle self serving existences.

This is a sad sad day for anyone that appreciates the true bond of trainer and animal that exists in racing. Anyone who understands that unique union of minds, horse or greyhound and human, that is required to fully bring these wonderful animals to peak athletic performance, mentlally and physically. Anyone that can appreciate the undeniable beauty, elegance and strength of a horse or greyhound doing what comes naturally – running and competing.

The bottom 5% of society that push for these changes don’t understand it, they don’t get it. The closest they get to peak perfomance is passing their hysterical half-truths off as fact. The closest they get to a relationship with an animal is the photo of two dolphins in the sunset in their living rooms.

Why any government would support the hysteria that these media hungry, self serving sycophants dish up is beyond me and many others. Could the “green vote” really be worth that much to them?

In closing, I have only one short message to the many that read this website and follow our sport – Look out…….we’re next.

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