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Who Is Looking Into Greyhound Racing’s Crystal Ball?

Australia's most controversial greyhound commentator Bruce Teague takes a look at where the greyhound racing track redevelopments and modernisation programs around the country are heading;...
Gosford greyhound are back racing

Greyhound track upgrades – We need hard evidence

Bruce Teague takes a look at some key figures behind the recent attempts to improve safety and performance at greyhound racing tracks across Australia.
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Handedness is a major influence in greyhound racing

Are greyhounds right- or left-handed and, if so, how did they get that way, how many are there and what does it mean for racing...
Gosford greyhound are back racing

Gosford greyhounds back at the races after delayed track rebuild

Greyhound racing returned to the Central Coast tonight following a $762,000 upgrade of Gosford greyhound racetrack funded by the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government. Minister...
Gosford greyhounds

Trainers growing concerned as Gosford track remains out of action

CENTRAL Coast trainer Jeff Eaton says it is ‘unacceptable’ that racing has not returned to Gosford almost two months after the track was damaged by...