Greyhound Betting Tips For Thursday 25th July 2013

Lets hope for a big night tonight, its been a bit ordinary of late; after a fantastic last week where we found plenty to back and collect on.

I am by no means a fan of the racing at on a Monday night and lets hope Thursdays stay the same, as I've heard a whisper things may be changing; but thats a story for anther time.

On to tonight and things always start out promising, so lets hope we can get a few up.

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 4 Box 1 Tweed Bah Day. 7.41pm

I'm unsure of the price that this fellow will start at, but I know he'll start favourite. He has a massive motor in the run to the line but has found himself getting to far back early on. Tonight's race is a little different and there isn't a great deal of pace early on, so he should be able to hold a much better position here tonight in this race. Box 1 will help and all he needs is a clear run in the last 200m of the race. I wouldn't be rushing to take odds on, but $2.40 is about the right price here. He's recently back from a Victorian stint where he was moderately succesfull. 500m racing isn't ideal so I'm guessing hes getting ready for a step back up to the 600m journey, but at the right price here tonight he's a great bet.

Angle Park Greyhounds Race 10 Box 2 Full Beer Fridge 10.24pm

Great name for a dog, and a pretty handy type too; is Full Beer Fridge. He's got speed and strength and is shaping into a handy pup. He should be able to lead these early here, and I'm confident if he finds the fromt he'll keep going. He has a solid record here and boasts a strong PB, and I get the feeling he can go much quicker. Dyna Alivia is the danger but she has no idea what winning is about, and struggles to get across the line in first. Box 2 is a good draw for Full Beer Fridge and he should have no trouble heading off box 1 runner Seebohm, who is named after gold medalist Emerly Seebohm; and I suggest you keep a close eye on her as shes well overdue to win one and has the ability to bring up win number 1 in S.A

Dapto Greyhounds Race 7 Box 1 Fast Archer 9.38pm

This fellow should just win this race here with ease. He's a fst pup with a big motor when hes out in front and can dictate terms on the bunny. Trainer is no doubt having a fantastic time with his team of young dogs, who are winning plenty. Fast Archer should bounce straight to the front and race away here early on. Box 3 runner Double Twist is the danger and she too can certainly win this. She begins very quickly and can also run the hands off the clock when on song but shes going to have to come from behind here to beat Fast Archer. She's certainly capable and she looks the only danger to Fast Acher.

Hobart Greyhounds Race 6 Box 3 Silent Girl 9.25pm

This daughter of new sire has electric early pace and burns up the sand early on. She did struggle here last week in the run to the line but she had such a lead they couldnt get near her. She should once again ping the lids here and open up a huge lead here on them early on. The question is can she hang on, and will she take benefit from last week win. If shes improved slightly and pings the lids I doubt they will catch her here in this low grade race. If anything is to get near her then I like the nuber 1 runner Off And Running to knock her off.

Sandown Greyhounds Race 2 Box 1 Proven Will 7.25pm

Going with the trained runner here in Proven Will from the good box. He's been a little dissapointing of late but, has plenty of talent and will continue to win his fair share of races against the right field. He's not the best of beginners but has enough pace to boot up from the inside and hold a foward spot. Mid race is where he lets go and if in striking distance he may and prove too good here. Good box, top trainer and should go well. Eachway.

Best Of Luck

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