Greyhound betting in China

While there is no government regulation of greyhound racing in China, a high number of Australian greyhounds are exported annually for underground match racing.

Massive bets are placed upon these events which are held on private tracks owned by some of the country’s wealthiest citizens.

Over the years, some of Australia’s best greyhounds have been exported to China for racing and stud duties including Knocka Norris, Meticulous, Velocette, Just The Best, Black Magic Opal and Turanza Bale.

Greyhound betting in China

With so much money being thrown into the sport from China, it is clear the country has a strong interest in the Australian greyhound racing industry.

The team at Australian Racing Greyhound want to make sure our Chinese audience know where to go to place a bet on the Aussie greyhound races, because we know, as well as buying some of our stock, there are plenty of Chinese punters who are looking to have a wager.

United States Sport Table

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Is betting on greyhound racing legal for Chinese punters?

Many leading bookmakers do not accept punters from China due to the country’s strict gambling laws, so it can be hard to find a website that will accept your hard-earned coin. Even when you do find a site that accepts Chinese bettors, most do not offer betting on Australian greyhound racing. 

Australian Racing Greyhound recommends one website that both accepts Chinese punters and allows betting on the dishlickers – Bodog 88.

Founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre, the global company offers a range of online gaming options ranging from casino and sports right through to greyhound racing.

Bodog88 incorporates innovative software technology to ensure player fairness and uses advanced security measures, such as 24 hour monitoring, to guarantee game safety and the security of its punters.

CNY betting sites deposit options

There are a couple of different ways to deposit funds into your greyhound racing betting account when depositing in CNY. The most common bookmaker payment types is the use of a debit card. This method gives punters a secure way to transfer funds online, while it is also the fastest with the cash appearing in your betting account instantaneously. 

Other ways of depositing funds include bank transfer and over the counter – allowing you to make cash deposits through your local bank branch. Chinese punters are also able to make payments to bookies via things like web wallets, which essentially put a layer between you and your bookmaker.

The same goes for online betting deposits with cryptocurrency, with this payment type exploding in popularity in recent times, given the strict laws surrounding online betting in China. Despite cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum being frowned upon in China, movers and shakers at betting sites tell us these payments still make up a significant amount of transactions from China.

Bodog 88 only have one method of withdrawal for Chinese customers, with funds electronically transferred from your betting account and credited to your bank account after your information has been reviewed and verified.

How to bet on greyhounds from China

The first stage of successfully wagering on greyhounds from China is to find betting sites or a betting site that is willing to accept your custom. Because of the strict betting laws in China, it can be tough to find a respectable bookie, however we have done the hard work for you and found some quality options.

You then need to open a new account, which involves handing over your personal details (name, address, email address etc) to the company.

After this you will then need to fund your bookie account, which can be done via several different methods, which we go into more detail about further down this page. Often with Chinese betting sites this payment will be shown in another currency, other than CNY.

For those not familiar with betting on greyhounds, getting to the betting page for Australian or other greyhound racing can be quite tricky. Once on the homepage of your chosen betting site, you need to visit the racing tab, where are a general rule you will find the upcoming greyhound races.

Once on this page you are able to select from a range of sporting events down the left hand side of the page. One of the sports on offer is racing, with ‘Greyhounds’ being one of the three racing codes to choose from.

Once you are on the greyhounds page you will be able to view all upcoming events and their markets.

Once you have selected your runner, there are a multitude of bet types which you can choose to place. To find out which type of bet is best for you, read our dedicated page.

Greyhound betting tips for China

Like any sports, there are a number of variables that can affect the outcome of each greyhound race. To help you out on your quest to find a winner, we have put together a couple of handy hints to help you with your greyhound betting strategy.

  • Box draw:
    The position from which a greyhound starts the race will have a major impact on their chances. For example, if a dog does not possess early pace, they are more likely to find trouble when drawn in the middle of the field. Similarly, if a dog is a wider runner, it may not be suited to an inside draw, particularly if it cannot handle the pressure from the runners on its outside. 

Reading the form to see how your fancied chaser has handled that draw in the past will give you a good indication of what its chances are.
  • Early speed:
    While the leaders don’t win every race, you are more likely to be a successful punter if you can identify the dogs that will be out in front early – being in the lead reduces a dogs chances of finding interference and therefore increases its chances of landing a pay check.
  • Stamina:
    While early speed is important, stamina is just as pivotal when it comes to winning a greyhound race. Be sure that the dog which you are backing has the strength to finish the race off well and isn’t going to fall in a hole half way down the straight.

Recent form:
    Even if a dog has a personal best time which is half a second better than any other runner, that does not necessarily mean much if its form has tapered off. Go with the dogs that are running at their best, they will generally be full of confidence and are more likely to produce a decent run.
  • Grade:
    Just as important as the recent form is the grade which a certain greyhound is competing in. For example, even if a dog has won five in a row on the provincial tracks, it will still be a big test to reproduce that form on the city circuits – so be cautious of taking short odds. Similarly, there is often some value to be found about dogs that have been performing averagely in a higher grade and are stepping to race against a lower class of dog.

Sign-up with Bodog 88 and get started on your winning greyhound betting adventure.