Five things sport loving Aussies can do to save greyhound racing

TENS of thousands of people have been affected over the last 24 hours as the NSW State Government announced it is closing down the greyhound racing industry from July 1, 2017.

Not only is this decision set to affect the 13,000 registered greyhound racing participants in NSW alone, it will also flow on to thousands of other people whose livelihoods depend on the industry.

Meat suppliers, feed and vitamin companies, equipment manufacturers, track staff, managers, race callers, animal companies – the list goes on. All up, Premier has estimated that 1086 direct and 475 indirect full-time equivalent jobs will be lost due to the shut down.

While acknowledging that the industry has a lot of work to do, the team at Australian Racing Greyhound feel that a total ban is a great injustice for the dedicated trainers who are committed to their dogs and doing the right thing by them.

We have confidence that, given the right administrators and resources, the industry could and develop into one which has at the forefront.

Because of this, we completely oppose the NSW State Government’s ban on the sport and will be working tirelessly to get this horrendous decision overturned.

Now we are calling on YOU. If you train greyhounds, own greyhounds, know someone who has greyhounds, if you enjoy a flutter down at the pub, if you are involved with or bet on racing of ANY code, or even if you simply think banning this industry is unfair – please help us take a stand.

There are five easy ways of doing so this weekend.

1. Sign the petition

Australian Racing Greyhound has launched an online petition to send one giant message that the ban on NSW greyhound racing is not welcome! It doesn’t matter if you are from NSW or interstate, this decision impacts everyone who has an interest in the sport. We have already collected over 7,500 signatures – this could make a serious difference if we can get everyone on board.


2. Make your support for greyhound racing known on social media, to the wider media and in your local communities #saveNSWgreys

Share pictures of your greyhounds winning races and lounging around at home – the world needs to see how much these dogs are loved and what a loss this sport will be to everyone. Even if you don’t have greyhounds yourself, make a stand – post a status to tell the world this decision is unacceptable and your support greyhound racing and racing in general. Use the hashtag #saveNSWgreys in all your social .

3. Do not bet on any sports or racing until Wednesday 13th July 2016

Let the government feel the pinch now! Show them fat cats that without our money, everyone will suffer. Don’t bet on any greyhound, harness, thoroughbred or sporting event – without our cash lining their pockets they may take notice.

4. Urge & encourage others within the racing industry to withdraw their horses and greyhounds from racing until Wednesday 13th July nationally to show your support

All codes need to stand together and protect greyhound racing in its time of need – just as our industry propped up the horse codes during the equine influenza. Please consider withdrawing all of your runners across the weekend to get the message across.

5. Contact your local member of state and federal parliament and voice your support for greyhound racing

Let our politicians know what this decision will mean for you. Be passionate and tell them why this decision should be overturned before it’s too late.

To make this as easy as possible, we have a dedicated page to help you search for your local member of state and federal parliament and have included a form for you to fill out which will be emailed directly to them.

CLICK HERE to view the form and have your say to #saveNSWgreys

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6 years ago

Why isn’t there any anger being directed at the trainers, breeders, and owners who are announcing and threatening the imminent slaughter of their dogs by the thousands — and blaming it on the government? If it were any other recognizable group of people threatening similar activity against dogs, there would be howls of condemnation from all quarters of society. Yet the greyhound industry — alone among all —  seems to be exempt from such moral standards, and entitled to make their dogs into someone else’s problem. Every time I see those pronouncements from owners, trainers, and breeders, I say to… Read more »

6 years ago

Ban the wrong doers, not the industry! Simple concept, Mike Baird has completely over reacted.

Does he have a hidden agenda?

How about implementing the necessary resources to clean it up instead of burying your head in the sand and taking the easy option, that is a cop out Mike Baird, man up and face this head on and look after the majority of people who enjoy this sport, stop pandering always to the minority whinge brigade!

I thought we were better than that, very disappointing.

6 years ago

There is a very simple reason why people are saying they will have to put dogs down, Jeffery.

It’s because they are having their jobs taken away from them!

Capish? Understand?

No money, no food, no life!

You understand?

Pretty bloody simple.


6 years ago

No SAV I once lost my job. I didn’t immediately go out back and kill off my dog or hand him over to a shelter. I had a responsibility to the dog that I accepted when I took ownership of him. I refused to make my dog suffer or die because I fell on hard times. What’s so hard to understand about that, especially for an industry whose constant mantra is “Animal welfare is our number one priority”? And I didn’t even have a multi-million dollar slush fund available to give to lawyers to fight to get my job back… Read more »

6 years ago

, Totally out of context! Many owners have several dogs and train for others as well. It’s an industry, it has wheels and cogs. It’s a way of life and has been for 100 years. If they can’t race, owners don’t pay. If they don’t race there is no money to go on with their care. It’s not like loosing you keyboard job and going home to cuddle your dog on the verandah. It affects the family, children, butcher, baker, produce store, pet store, chemist shop, vets, super market, transporters, volunteers on track, tuck shop owner, tractor driver, starter, gate… Read more »

6 years ago

Tremaly No one has said they’re going out to shoot their dogs? Whether they shoot them, beat them over the head with a club (like they did at Keinbah), drown them, starve them to death, or give them lethal injections, they are all threatening to kill their dogs. You said so yourself – “thousands will be euthanized”. So much for the lie that they “love their dogs”! They only love them until they can’t make money from them any more. And they don’t even realize that by making those threats they are lending complete validation to the idea that the… Read more »