Lektra Ottens Still Missing In Nhill Area After Accident

Promising young greyhound Lektra Ottens remains missing this morning in the wake of the tragic car crash that claimed the life of Big Black Mac and hospitalised co-trainer and kennel hand Carl Schlensog.

Both George and Carl were discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and returned to their Anakie base, but Lektra Ottens, a strapping 34kg Fawn dog is still missing.

Owner and breeder, explained this morning that after speaking with George Dailly, its a miracle that only one greyhound had died and that George and Carl were alive.

“According to George, the car ran off the road and narrowly passed between two huge trees. If the car had struck either of those trees they would be dead.”

“It was likely at this point that Mac was thrown from the trailer, and the door was damaged to Ottens' kennel which allowed him to escape.” said Lenehan.

“The trailer was airborne and contacted the tree about 8 foot in the air……from there it ran through a vacant house before crashing in to the second house” continued Lenehan.

A subdued Lenehan said “To be honest, its incredibly fortunate that the situation is not worse. It's just amazing George and Carl are alive, and there weren't more greyhound fatalities”. This is despite the fact that the likely loss of Lektra Ottens is a significant blow to Lenehan, and his kennel of racing stars.

The young greyhound was not due to turn 3 years of age until February 2013, and in just 40 starts, the son of and Miss Gabby had amassed $54,000 in prizemoney from 10 wins and a further 10 placings.

Lektra Ottens had just placed third behind Coal King in the second heat of the after a checkered run in transit, and had previously been a finalist.

Lenehan optimistically said that “There's at least a slab in it for anyone that can find him”, but the truth is that with each passing day the future for the greyhound with the kennel name “Ottens” looks increasingly grim.

Anyone with information or sightings of Lektra Ottens can contact Australian Racing Greyhound directly via our contact page, Facebook page or one Twitter @GreyhounfRacing and we will pass that information on to Phil Lenehan.

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