Quinella and Exacta bets

Quinella and Exacta bets are two of the simplest forms of exotic bets in greyhound racing, requiring punters to correctly select first and second across the line.

To help you fully understand the difference and how quinella and exacta bets work, Australian Racing Greyhound has composed some information on everything you need to know before placing a bet.

What are quinella and exacta bets?

Boxed quinella:
With this type of wager, the selected runners can finish in either order, providing they fill the first two spots on the podium. Punters can also select multiple runners to fill the quinella, therefore increasing their chances of securing the winning bet.

The amounts required to secure a full winning dividend when placing boxed quinella bets are as follows:

  • 2 runners – $1.00
  • 3 Runners – $3.00
  • 4 Runners – $6.00
  • 5 Runners – $10.00
  • 6 Runners – $15.00
  • 7 Runners – $21.00
  • 8 Runners – $28.00


You can opt to place a wager less than that amount, however you will only receive a smaller percentage of the winning payout.

For example, if you box a quinella with numbers 1, 4 and 5 for $1 you will only receive 33.3 per cent of the quinella should the bet be successful.

Standout quinella:
This type of quinella usually involves punters selecting a greyhound they think will win the race and standing it out to win ahead of a number of other chasers in the field for the runner up spot.

For example, you could stand out number 1 to win from 2, 3 and 7. To collect, you would need number 1 to win and either of the other three greyhounds to fill second position.

An exacta is essentially the same as a quinella bet except you have to correctly pick the winner and runner-up in the correct order. Because of this, they can be a bit trickier to land than a normal quinella bet, however they generally have a higher winning payout.

For example, if you took numbers 2 and 8, in that order, you would need number 2 to win and number eight to finish second in order for your bet to be a winning one.

Just like a quinella, you can also place an exacta bet with more than two greyhounds, but, again, the more runners you include in your wager, the more money you have to hand over to secure a full percentage of the winning dividend.

  • 2 runners – $1.00
  • 3 Runners – $6.00
  • 4 Runners – $12.00
  • 5 Runners – $20.00
  • 6 Runners – $30.00
  • 7 Runners – $42.00
  • 8 Runners – $56.00

How to choose which type of quinella bet to place

So now you know how quinella and exacta bets work, how do you know which type to place on the upcoming greyhound race you want to bet on?

Once you have selected your two (possibly more) greyhounds, decide if you one of those is the clear cut winner. If it is not, opt for a standard boxed quinella as this gives you more variety to hopefully snag the right winning combination.

If you think you will know what greyhound will run second, go for the exacta bet, but if you are undecided, the standout quinella might be the bet you are looking for.

The standout quinella is a great type of bet to place if you are confident of finding the winner of the event and have a rough idea of which dog will run second. With the ability to add multiple numbers in for second spot, it greatly increases your chances of landing a winning wager.

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2 years ago

Dumb question, you place an exacta bet for say 1 and 3 and a quinella bet for the same # 1 and 3 in the same race. But when the exotics are posted, the quinella may show 3 and 1 and the exacta 1 and 3, then on other occasions both the numbers will show in the same order eg. 1 and 3 for quinella and exacta. I’m definitely missing something here, maybe a brain lol. Cheers and thanks