Greyhound racing trifecta bets

A trifecta is one of the most popular forms of exotic bets for greyhound racing punters, requiring you to correctly select the first three greyhounds past the post in any given race.

The reason for their popularity is that the winning dividend is generally much higher than the payout for a standard win or place bet. This is due to the fact that it is harder to secure the correct result, with three greyhounds required to fill the top three spots rather than just one. However, if you are skilful enough to snare the winning bet, you will be rewarded lucratively.

Types of trifectas

There are three types of trifecta bets which are common to place on the dishlickers – box trifectas, stand-out trifectas and flexi-bet trifectas. Each of them has their own nuances and can result in large payouts.

Box Trifecta

A box trifecta is the most common form of trifecta for most greyhound punters as it is the simplest and easiest to secure. Punters can choose three or more runners for their box trifecta and those greyhounds can finish in any order, as long as they finished first, second and third, in order to claim a payout.

For example, you might have selected three greyhounds – lets say Fernando Bale, Brett Lee and El Galo for your box trifecta. You will receive a winning dividend if the greyhounds finish in any of the following orders:

  • 1st: Fernando Bale, 2nd: El Galo, 3rd: Brett Lee
  • 1st: Brett Lee, 2nd: Fernando Bale, 3rd: El Galo
  • 1st: Brett Lee, 2nd: El Galo, 3rd: Fernando Bale
  • 1st: El Galo, 2nd: Fernando Bale, 3rd: Brett Lee
  • 1st: El Galo, 2nd: Brett Lee, 3rd: Fernando Bale

However, if another greyhound that you have not selected in your numbers finishes in the top three, your bet is unsuccessful and you will not receive any of the winning dividend.

Box trifectas also enable you to select as many runners as you like, however it is important to remember the more runners that you select, the more expensive it becomes to claim the whole payout.

So what’s not to like about boxed trifectas I hear you ask? One of the main points to consider is that they cost more to secure a full percentage of the winning dividend compared to a stand-out trifecta because they contain more combinations.

For example, a boxed trifecta with three runners would cost $6 for 100 per cent, whereas a standout trifecta costs as little as $1 for the full amount.

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Stand-out Trifecta

Stand-out trifectas are where the real money is but, they are also the hardest types of trifectas to secure. Just like a box trifecta, a winning dividend is paid out for correctly selecting first, second and third in any given greyhound race, however, in this instance you designate which runner will fill each specific placing.

For example:

  • 1st: Fernando Bale, 2nd: Brett Lee, 3rd: El Galo fernando-bale

It is a great type of bet to place if you think you know the top three place getters and in which order they will finish. Just $1 will give you the entire winning dividend if you stand-out them out in their correct orders.

Alternatively, you can mix it up. If you are not completely sure of the full placings but think you know the winner, why not stand-out it out and box the two place getters?

Just like a box trifecta, you can also chose to put more runners into your standout trifecta. For example, if you think you know first and second in their exact order but are not sure which greyhound will run third, you can allow for the entire field to fill that position.

Of course, selecting more runners for your trifecta and boxing positions will increase the amount you are required to invest to ensure a full winning payout, however the plus side to this is you have a greater chance of collecting.


A flexi-trifecta is the name given to a trifecta for which you only have a percentage of. Say, for example, you really can’t decide on which greyhounds will fill the top three spots, so you decide to box seven greyhounds in your trifecta.

The cost for a full percentage of the winning dividend would be a whopping $240, however, if you are not confident enough to invest those kinds of funds, you could pay $42 for a flexi trifecta which would ensure you receive 20 per cent of the winning dividend, if successful.

Things to consider when placing a trifecta bet

    Study the form
    Make sure you know which greyhounds possess which traits before placing your bet. For instance, if a greyhound is known to tire in the latter stages, it may not be the best runner to anchor for first in your trifectas.
  • Add some value
    It is not very often that the top three favourites will finish first, second and third in a greyhound event and, even when they do, the winning trifecta dividend is not normally very high. So, when placing a trifecta bet, be sure to include some roughies in your numbers. For example, look for the dogs that might be finishing home strong and could grab a minor placing.
  • Trust your instincts
    When betting, be sure that you go with your gut instincts. For instance, don’t stand out an odds on favourite to run first in your trifecta if you think it has a good chance of being beaten — try boxing it with the greyhound(s) that you think have a shot at upstaging the punter’s elect. While doing this may reduce your percentage of the winning payout for the same investment, it also ensures you have a greater chance of winning should your logic prevail.

And, after all, wouldn’t you rather have a little bit of the winning payout rather than the entire losing dividend?

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Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy
3 years ago

Nice read , I’m new to greyhounds & I’m loving it . I’ve decided to start concentrating my betting efforts on the dogs

Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy
3 years ago

It’s ashamed that greyhound racing doesn’t enjoy the popularity it once did in the United States though there is a hardcore group of bettors .