$12,000 raised for the RSL through GRV’s Red Dog Run

A MASSIVE $12,000 has been raised through Greyhound 's (GRV) Red Dog Run, with the proceeds going to the RSL's 2016 Anzac Appeal.

The inaugural Red Dog Run saw GRV donate $250 to help current and former members of the Australian Defence Force every time a greyhound won wearing the red number one rug in Victoria between April 19-25.

All up, 48 greyhounds saluted across the week, commencing last Tuesday when Macey Blue won at Warragul wearing the red for Lara trainer Craig Hughes, with the final victory being at Shepparton on Monday night, with the -trained Daryl Dixon bringing the tally to an even $12k.

Greyhound Racing Victoria's Andrew Copley said the organisation was honoured to be supporting such a worthy cause.

“The greyhound racing industry is an aged industry so a lot of participants can relate to the ANZACs and we have had nothing but positive feedback,” Copley said.

“The little stories that have been unearthed from within the industry, such as Pearl Perry whose husband was in the war, have been very touching.

“It has also helped to create some exposure for the RSL – sometimes the younger generations can lose appreciation so it is good to bring awareness to ensure the ANZACs are .

“For greyhound racing to be a part of that is pretty special and quite an honour.”

A complete list of the week's winners is as follows:

Tuesday April 19
Macey Blue – Warragul
Zipping Zeus – Warragul
Jackie Baxter – Warragul
– Warrnambool
Red Cadillac – Warrnambool
Striker Klinsman – Warrnambool

Wednesday April 20
Headline – The Meadows
Son Of Kelga –
Wise Harry – Bendigo
Miss Briony – Bendigo
Baroness Tippy – Bendigo
Dr. Shiki – Cranbourne
Laguna Madre – Warrnambool
Ando's Mac – Warrnambool
Take That Banksy – Warrnambool

Thursday April 21
Time Sent –
Must Have – Ballarat
Dr. Toretto – Park
Why Not Barrel – Warragul
Sir Rueben – Warragul
Terrorizer – Shepparton

Friday April 22
Veetee Swift – Bendigo
Invictus Rapid – Bendigo
Alera Bale –
Tear It Down – Geelong

Saturday April 23
One More Des –
Dynamo Magic – Traralgon
Omega Sniper – Barry Harper
Nessa Shim – The Meadows
Cut Loose Max – The Meadows
Folio Bale – The Meadows
Mepunga Flame – The Meadows

Sunday April 24
Green Stone – Healesville
It's All Talk – Healesville
Avatar Thor – Sandown Park
Blatter – Sandown Park
Reality Shintaro – Gavin Burke
Ulla –

Monday April 25
Frame History – Ballarat
Bashir – Ballarat
Gunmetal Lad – Ballarat
Cement Socks – Traralgon
Miss Utamurra – Traralgon
Poppy Jay – Traralgon
Rusty Mia – Traralgon
Michiko – Traralgon
Instant Success – Shepparton
Daryl Dixon – Shepparton

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