Australian Greyhound Racing 2010/2011 Group Calendar Released

The Association has released the 2010/2011 .

A total of 28 events, 46 events and 35 3 events have been approved for the period by .

The 2010/2011 Group Race programme was completely reviewed by AGRA and the number of events of similar standing which now clash has been reduced considerably.

AGRA Executive Officer, said that the changes were certain to be appreciated by participating sponsors and greyhound racing enthusiasts alike.

“The review set out to minimize clashes for (a) Group 1 sprinters, (b) distance events and (c) Age Restricted Events of similar standing,” explained Scott.

“The reality is that with 109 events now making up the Group Race programme and the fact that racing organisations, for marketing reasons, tend to seek out the warmer months to promote their best events, it is not totally possible to totally avoid clashes.

“However, AGRA holds the view that the 2010/2011 mix of dates will be well received and has maximised opportunities for greyhounds of similar standing.”

Printed calendars are available from all Metropolitan clubs, most TAB clubs and all controlling authorities.

The calendar can also be downloaded below.

2010-2011 AGRA Group Greyhound Racing Calendar

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