Gosford greyhound racing tips for free picks for April 23

Gosford Greyhound Tips

The upcoming greyhound racing event, in the region of New South Wales, Australia, is set to thrill racing fans. Taking place on April 23, 2024, the event will host a series of 12 races, kicking off with the race at 6:57 PM.

The main attraction of the day is undoubtedly the Signarama Gosford/Erina race in Race 6. Spanning a distance of 515 metres and falling into the category of 4th/5th Grade races, this prestigious event boasts a prize pool totaling $3,390. The champion of this thrilling race will walk away with a first prize amounting to $2,100.

The Gosford greyhound racing event guarantees a time with thrilling races and significant cash rewards. Whether you're a fan or new to the sport this event has something, for everyone. Make sure to use our greyhound tips to improve your race picks and boost your chances of winning.

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Gosford Greyhound Tips 23/4/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 18:57 515m Welcome to Gosford Maiden Maiden Zipping Nagini (9) Therese Simmons $1,890 $1,200
2 19:22 388m at Stud Maiden Maiden Shirl's Me Mum (1) Joanne Whatson $1,890 $1,200
3 19:42 388m Ladbroke It! Maiden Maiden Zipping Jolie (8) $1,890 $1,200
4 20:06 603m Central Coast Locksmiths 0-2 Win Mixed Redshift Cosmo (1) Jordan Tweddle $3,210 $2,000
5 20:30 515m Blackbook 1-3 Win 5th Grade Zipping Hedwig (1) Therese Simmons $3,210 $2,000
6 20:50 515m Signarama Gosford/erina 4th/5th Grade Tear Tremor (4) $3,390 $2,100
7 21:14 388m Beast Unleashed at Sire's on Ice 5th Grade Pacheco (4) Therese Simmons $2,410 $1,500
8 21:39 388m Racing Here This Thursday! 5th Grade Going Bush (6) Jonathan Gatt $2,410 $1,500
9 21:59 388m Ladbrokes Odds Surge 5th Grade Freeway Isaac (1) Neville York $2,410 $1,500
10 22:19 388m Sire's on Ice NG1-4 Impress Fowler (7) Geoffrey Grimwood $2,730 $1,700
11 22:39 388m Farrell's 4×2 Biscuits 5th Grade First Lady (2) Garry Frazer $2,410 $1,500
12 22:59 388m Ladbrokes Easy Form 5th Grade Son Of Dawn (1) $2,410 $1,500


Auto-applied in Bet Slip. Limits apply. Min 6 runners. Fixed odds only.

Available from 4pm AEST. Auto applied in Bet Slip. Promotional limits apply. Min 6 runners. Fixed odds only. Check your vault for eligibility. Full terms and conditions. Login to UniBet to Claim Promo

Greyhound Racing Tips

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