Greyhound Betting Tips For Wednesday 7th August 2013

Bulli Greyhounds Race 6 Box 8 Real Impact 8.05pm

Real Impact looks a good eachway chance here at good odds. He has won around the tight circuit in a solid 30.25 from box 8; and he looks well suited to box 8 here again tonight on the big track. If he’s able to hold a forward position early on, maybe 4th or 5th, he should rocket home here and prove to strong. He does have a issue with winning though, and this is always a concern when backing non winners. I’m sure he’s destined to win more then one race and tonight looks a good chance for the son of Trewly Special. EachWay.

Cranbourne Race 4 Box 3 Loretta, 7.48pm

This is tough, but tough generally represents value; and Loretta appears to have enough speed and strength to and keep going against a ordinary lot. It’s hard to say if they all will get the hard trip, but Loretta is sure bred to run the trip. Her sire Talks Cheap, generally throws strong pups and this girl look no exception. If she can find the bunny early on she’ll take plenty of catching. Go easy though, tough race with a fair few unknowns. Each way.

Ballarat Greyhounds Race 4 Box 1 Allen Emmett, 7.58pm

Two dog race here between Allen Emmett, and the speedy but moody Dimple Way. Both dogs have electric pace and can run when on the bunny but Dimple Way can be a little hit and miss early on. He’s recent form is solid and he’s been going well, so he’ll certainly be there a long way. Allen Emmett, loves the red and can gallop when he to finds the bunny from the get go. He might just be able to beat Dimple Way out here with the advantage of the inside box; and if he happens to do so he”ll prove super hard to catch. If say both dogs will start short, with a lean towards Dimple Way; it looks a great exotics race and one in which the trifecta can be easily found. Allen Emmett the better value.

Rockhampton Greyhounds Race 6 Box 1 Little Bomber 8.35pm

Bad race but this looks the one for Little Bomber, she’s been around the mark of late without setting the world . She’s proven she handle the trip, and should get a great run here from the cheery. It’s hard to make a case for most of these and Little Bomber does look the most credentialed of the lot. There isn’t a great deal of pave of her inside and thus should enable her to boot up and lead early on. Once finding the front she should be hard to catch. Each way in a bad race.

Best of Luck

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