Black Top Fever Hits The Gardens Once Again

As the old saying goes the show must go on. Despite the taking over the operations of Gardens until December, the tracks flagship race; the Group Two Multicam Systems , has attracted five stellar heats that will be conducted tonight, with the tantalizing final held next week, handing over a mouth-watering $40,000 to the winner.

This race has been won by some of the Countries best ever chasers including; Bye Bye Bucks, , and .

This year’s crop of talent again, shows the vast array of chasers New South Wales has to offer. Next week’s final program will prove a treat for Hunter Valley racing enthusiasts, as always proves a very popular event, with consistent crowd attendances.

Heat one kicks off at 6.08pm (EST).

Heat One:

  1. 1.    Paua of Darkness – having first start at the track, has been inconsistent as of late, however is a winner of 22 races and will use all the advantages that come with the red rug.
  2. 2.    Zipping Summah (J.Mackay) – looking for her fourth win from her past five starts, in the astute hands of Jason Mackay and has a huge motor with a 29.67 personal best.
  3. 3.    Avondale Amor (R.Bell) – absolutely flying machine who has not been unplaced in all of her 9 starts. Has broke the 30 second barrier over this distance three times and has genuine early pace.
  4. 4.    Electro Storm (M. Ferguson) – Very impressive on debut at the track last week clocking a blistering 29.73 all the way display. Awkwardly drawn this week but has the smarts to overcome the poor draw.
  5. 5.    Fast Archer (C. Mullens) – only has the one start at the track back in January for a solid second in 29.68.  Has been inconsistent of late and the middle draw could be a worry but has the ability.
  6. 6.    My Signature (L. Sweetman) – looking for his third straight win after outstanding performances at (22.32) and Gosford (29.63). Despite the poor draw he has incredible early speed and a sizzling 29.57 pb at the track.
  7. 7.    Scout’s Gold (J.  Mcfarlane) – having his first start at the track after some solid wins including a fast 29.88 win at last month. Has good early pace, however will need to be on his game to challenge these.
  8. 8.    Scratched.


Heat Two:

  1. 1.    Zipping April (J. Mackay) – another star of the Mackay kennel and comes up with the suitable one box in this heat.  Hasn’t been unplaced in her three starts at the track and has a flying 29.59 pb that will see her right in this.
  2. 2.    Lord Rain (B. Keene) – has solid form at the track but has been a tad inconsistent of late and will need to be at his best to test this hot field.
  3. 3.    Rashad (F. Hurst) – has lit up the WP circuit at his past few outings with a 29.88 pb. Having his first start at the track will prove interesting but has the ability to overcome his lack of early pace.
  4. 4.    Amadeus Strikes (S. White) – in red hot form at present and has a huge motor that will help her overcome this field. She has recorded some outstanding performances at WP in recent weeks including a flying 29.79.
  5. 5.    Kaiser King (J. Foley) – only had two starts at the track for a solid 29.95 performance. Will need to lift big time to match it with this field.
  6. 6.    Ky’s Memory (P. Frendo) – has only had success up Appin Way and cannot recommend on his recent form.
  7. 7.    Media Ban (R. Field) – having his first start at the track after some excellent performances at WP. Has genuine early speed, however will need to step up another gear to be competitive.
  8. 8.    Splash About (P. Roderick) – has been very consistent at the track and racked up a solid 30.20 WP win a few weeks ago. Has good early speed and can overcome the wide draw to be competitive.


Heat Three:

  1. 1.    Zipping Joe (J. Mackay) – still a youngster having just four starts for two wins at the track. Coming off a flying 30.52 performance at Richmond and loves this track.
  2. 2.    Scratched
  3. 3.    John’s Joy (P. Honnery) – has been a very consistent chaser and recorded a flying 29.69 pb earlier this month at the track. Has been inconsistent early but his huge motor will help him test these.
  4. 4.    Mexico City (M. Gatt) – in the kennel of a champion trainer and has really hit his strides as a top-notch performer. Set the WP circuit alight, clocking 29.58 and has put in two solid performances at this track including a 29.86 pb.
  5. 5.    Mcslok (G.Robertson) – has good form at this track including a 29.83 pb. Been quite inconsistent lately so will need to lift.
  6. 6.    Liberty Moon (B.Keene) – Recorded a solid 30.21 at the track a few weeks back but will need to find her best form to test this field.
  7. 7.    Magic Santana (C. Arletos) – making his debut at the track after a good start to his racing career, recording some solid wins around the two turn circuits at Richmond and WP. Will need to improve greatly on his time standards.
  8. 8.    Gaudi (S.White) – making his debut at the track and looking for his 5th straight win after some outstanding performances around the one and two turn circuits.  Coming off a 30.25 win at WP, his blistering early speed should see this dog be a genuine threat.

Heat Four:

  1. 1.    Scratched.
  2. 2.    Forrest (B. Tooth) – has been consistent at this track and does have a fast 29.84 performance that he recorded last month. Will need to use the suitable draw and step up to match these.
  3. 3.    Black Rip (C. Arletos) – solid performer who is always up the front when it counts. Making his debut at the track, coming off a strong 30.18 all the way win at . Can test these.
  4. 4.    Lucks Changed (P. Lagogiane) – only had the one start at this track for a solid second performance, clocking a flying 29.69. Coming off a blistering 29.67 win at WP last week and is a real contender to take out the series.
  5. 5.    Scratched.
  6. 6.    Tricky Terry (J. Mackay) – making his debut at the track for astute trainer, after some consistent performances at WP including a 29.88 pb. Can be risky early and will need to be on his best to overcome the draw, however has a huge motor.
  7. 7.    Soaring Eagle (M. Burton) – making his debut at the track and has been inconsistent of late. Will need to lift.
  8. 8.    Awesome Project (B. Canty) – very impressive on debut at the track last month, clocking a fast 29.70. In a flying kennel at present and will use the wide draw to perfection. Big danger.

Heat Five:

  1. 1.    Knocka Dior (W. Brown) – has been very inconsistent of late and hasn’t won since May. Will need to lift significantly to test these.
  2. 2.    (C. Gatt) – has solid form of late including a 30.00 FFA win at WP. Only had two starts at this track and does have a favourable box draw to be competitive.
  3. 3.    Zipping Willow (J. Mackay) – another Mackay superstar that can take out this entire series. Loves this track and is a specialist of the two turn circuit with a near record 29.33 pb, will give punters a real spectacle.
  4. 4.    Billy Buzzard (D. Richardson) – has won 3 of his 4 starts at this track including a sizzling 29.62 pb.  Will need to lift on recent form, but does have the ability to do so.
  5. 5.    Edge (G. Barnett) – has regained the form that he began his career with after recording a scorching 29.51 at this track last year. Been consistent at WP of late and any signs of his previous form at this track will see him highly competitive.
  6. 6.    Kobi Jay (R. Bell) – recorded solid form at WP over the past few weeks and has a blistering 29.47 pb at this track that was recorded last year. Loves this track and can be competitive at the finish.
  7. 7.    Woods (M. Burton) – was very impressive on debut here last month, recording a fast 29.86. Will need to overcome the awkward draw to test these.
  8. 8.    Young Clancy (N. Benhard) – really likes this track after recording three solid performances including a 29.71 pb. The obstacle will be the wide draw as he is slow early but can figure at the finish.

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