Dewan Called To Inquiry Over Furious Email Exchange

After all the Inquiries lately related to and either or verbal assualt, today's entry comes from the think before you type category, “e-assault”.

GRV Stewards have just released details surrounding an email altercation between registered trainer and GRV CEO Assistant .

GRV Stewards on 6 April, 2009 conducted an into an exchange of emails with the Assistant to the Chief Executive – Scott Wuchatsch during March, 2009 pertaining to the greyhound “”.

Stewards heard evidence from Mr. Matthew Dewan and tabled at the Inquiry, the emails exchanged during March, 2009.

After hearing the evidence and taking into account the emails tendered, Stewards took no action in the matter other than to remind Mr. Matthew Dewan of his responsibilities in relation to allegations contained in emails forwarded to a GRV Official.

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