El Galo & Fedex Lead AGRA Rankings….Somehow?

El Galo Leads The AGRA Rankings With Fedex
El Galo Leads The Witth Fedex
The two sprinters, El Galo and Fedex; have taken early leads in the rankings, over stayers Lilley Criminal and .

Displaying the obvious bias in the rankings toward and sprinters, El Galo and Fedex share the lead courtesy of El Galo's 1 Adelaide Cup Heat and Final win, and Fedex's Silver Chief win and Derby Semi Final second behind .

Meanwhile Gunnadoo Magic has racked up two Group wins at and Group 3 level and is undefeated this year in 4 runs, all at Group Racing level and yet is still 20 points in arrears of the sprinters.

Quite rightly Gunnadoo Magic was named January Greyhound Of The Month and the AGRA may have to review their rankings system yet again, as it does seem quite unfair that Fedex can race only twice at Group 1 level for a 1st and 2nd and be 20 points ahead of a Group Racing performer who is undefeated in four runs, all at Group level.

The other stayer Lilley Criminal shares 3rd ranking with Gunnadoo Magic courtesy of her Group 1 Association Cup Heat and Final wins. A better record than that of Fedex and yet still 20 points behind that dog.

below are the rankings as they stand at the end of January 2009. The ranked positions are determined by a points system applied to group races on a sliding scale of points first to eighth.

January 2009 Group Racing Rankings
January 2009 Group Racing Rankings
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tony welch
14 years ago

when the jason thompson enquiry finally gets under way, i ask the question. when he gets outed (as he should) does he become disqualified from the races he has won since the positive was detected.also why did’nt he just man up and accept the wrap .
the victorian greyhond trainers should refuse to nominate until he is outed.


[…] month, El Galo and Fedex shared the lead in the AGRA National Greyhound Rankings, ahead of stayers Lilley Criminal and Gunnadoo […]