GHRRA Reform Seeks To Improve Non Tab Regulatory Integrity

The NSW Greyhound and Harness Racing Authority () has become concerned with the number of licensed persons undertaking Club Stewarding roles at NSW Non TAB Meetings.

According the the GHRRA, is paramount and both Industry and Public perception demands that a must be perceived to be “beyond any reason for possible concern”.

Accordingly, the GHRRA has resolved as follows :

  • Effective 1 July 2009, applicable licensed persons will not be permitted to undertake the role of a Club Steward.
  • This initiative will only affect newly appointed and a listing of licensees affected by this decision is detailed below. Existing will be exempt from this ruling and permitted to continue present duties as a Club Steward.
  • The Authority will provide an education process to ensure Club Stewards are aware of their responsibilities. A Club Stewards’ Manual has been distributed to all NSW Club Stewards.
  • No licensed person is permitted to perform a regulatory function for any race at a NSW Greyhound meeting if he/she has a Greyhound entered in that race.

Licensees affected by the decision are Owners, Owner/Trainers and licensed Attendants.

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