GRNSW pushing participant relations during GWIC tiff

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Hot on the heels of this week’s brouhaha between (GRNSW) and the NSW Greyhound Racing (), GRNSW has today announced a “royal tour” of greyhound tracks to front participants directly.

No doubt the visits form part of the compulsory requirements for GRNSW to engage in participant communication and feedback, but the timing of the announcement is uncanny.

GWIC has been under pressure all week from Sky News and the Morning Show over staffing and its budget and costs impact on GRNSW.

GRNSW CEO Tony Mestrov also took to the Hadley radio show to announce GRNSW had paid a deposit on a new property for the NSW Greyhound Adoption Program this week, but no other details on the property or its cost and future strategic use were forthcoming.

Minister for racing Kevin Anderson added further fuel to the fire yesterday suggesting the relationship between GRNSW and GWIC was becoming problematic.

So why is GRNSW engaging in a face to face participant engagement policy right now?

Fundamentally it is because the body is required to by its own rules and policies. But a more illuminating answer may lie in the current GRNSW financials, which explain why the GWIC is under increasing focus from media outlets.

Why is the heat being turned on GWIC’s financial management when no such examination of GRNSW’s position is occurring? Surely the two go hand in hand as far as NSW industry participants are concerned? Both directly impact participant returns as prizemoney.

In the midst of the statutory review in to GWIC, GRNSW and NSW greyhound racing sustainability, surely both organisations should open the books in detail so participants can see where the money has gone and make informed submissions to the review?

GRNSW has said the purpose of the visits to the tracks is to discuss anything greyhound racing related. would suggest it is an ideal opportunity for participants to ask for detailed transparency on revenue and expenses at GRNSW and GWIC. Participants cannot wait for the GRNSW Annual Report to be made public in November or December of this year. They need the information now, so as to make effective and informed submissions to the statutory review.

The GRNSW media release is as follows:

GRNSW Racing Operations Track Visits

The Racing Operations team at will next week embark on visits to numerous racetracks around the State.

The purpose of the visits is for participants to discuss any matter in relation to racing, including grading and programming, with the Racing Operations teams.

The track visits will commence next Friday, July 31, at , and then run across August.

GRNSW Track Visit Schedule

  • Gardens 31st July 2020
  • Taree 5th August 2020
  • 6th August 2020
  • Wentworth Park 13th August 2020
  • 19th August 2020
  • 20th August 2020
  • Goulburn 21st August 2020
  • 28th August 2020
  • Dubbo 29th August

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