GRV Formguides Allowing Errors To Creep In

I happen to be a great fan, in general, of the GRV website setup and certainly of the entire formguide system. Being able to go on-line to the GRV website and download a comprehensive formguide for any meeting in is fantastic. The ease and convenience of the entire setup is one of the key reasons I pretty much only bet on .

So, it is with some disappointment I feel the need to be critical on a public forum such as this, especially since sending an email via the ‘Contact Us’ section on the GRV website has not resulted in any action whatsoever. Additionally, I feel the need to make public the mistakes that are appearing in the formguides, because as sure as night follows day the two I have noticed are almost certainly not the only two that have happened.

So, let me be specific. There were two greyhounds which competed at on 8 January whose form was incorrect, at least in the sense that for some reason the same start has been replicated. It is so obvious that I’m surprised someone within the GRV itself has not noticed and made efforts to take remedial action.

The first of these was Miss Latoya, which was drawn box five in race 4. She dead-heated for third at Park on 14 December behind Weblec Rose, and that run is twice in the current formguide.

The second mistake concerned Blue Giant, which was drawn box two in race 5. He ran second behind in the on 3 December, and that race has also been repeated twice in the current formguide.

What’s interesting is that in both cases the actual race performance data of both Miss Latoya and Blue Giant have not been affected. That is, their race stats and data are all correct within the GRV main database, so the dual reproduction inside the formguide is, I imagine, some kind of coding aberration.

These are problems which need to be addressed, otherwise the of the entire formguide can be called into question, which is not what anyone would want over the longer term.

Sensibly, GRV should issue a press release to inform the public that it has addressed the problem, assuming of course that it does indeed take the time and effort to correct the mistakes appearing in its formguides.

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