GWIC to investigate greyhound welfare concerns at Wyee facility

The NSW Greyhound Welfare & Commission () is looking into claims of subpar care and injuries at the Wyee greyhound rehoming centre in New South Wales, Australia.

In May, CEO revealed the NSW GAP Wyee kennel facility would be repurposed as a base for greyhounds involved in the “Aussie Mates” US rehoming initiative.

The changes at the NSW GAP Wyee facility, which are part of a GRNSW push to cut 30 per cent of costs, have been forced after a 22.5 per cent turnover drop at wagering operators.

GRNSW claims the plans for a financial reset followed discussions with stakeholders, industry experts, and partners throughout the state.

But staff who were made redundant due to the repurposing of the Wyee facility have since made public complaints about the safety, maintenance and management of the program (GAP).

In response to the public complaints, Minister Harris has been compelled to implement the investigation after he was passed “information relating to Wyee and the welfare of greyhounds under its (GRNSW's) care.”

“These allegations require further review, as they have the potential to undermine public trust and integrity in the industry,” said Harris.

The investigations are focusing on:

  • Housing for greyhounds at the Wyee centre
  • Injuries suffered by the greyhounds housed there
  • How GRNSW management addressed concerns raised by staff

, Minister for Gaming and Racing has called on GWIC to examine these claims and submit a report by July 5 2024.

The review falls under section 12(e) of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017.

“The and wider community need to have confidence that the industry is being run with the highest standards of animal welfare, integrity and sustainability”, Minister Harris stated.

“While GRNSW is not a government organisation, with its CEO and Board responsible for its operation.

“As the industry's regulator, GWIC is best placed to look into these matters and report back to me to inform my consideration of any appropriate next steps”, said Harris.

The GWIC is set to conclude by early July 2024.

The results of the investigation will be shared with the public.

**: An earlier version of this story said the Wyee facility was shut down in May because of concerns raised by staff members. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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