In the stewards’ room: Trainer suspended for caffeine swab

Stewards' wrap

GROVEDALE trainer Tony Clarke has been suspended by the Victorian Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board () after being found guilty of breaching the prohibited substances rule GAR 83(2)(3).

The specifics of the case were that Clarke’s greyhound Gunsblaze returned a positive urine sample to theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine, when competing at the meeting on January 16, 2017.

Clarke, who has only held his licence for 18 months, pleaded guilty to the charge and gave evidence that his greyhound may have accidentally been fed chocolate by his children. He also submitted that his property was next to a playground, with the possibility that something containing caffeine had been thrown over the fence and ingested by the greyhound.

Upon consideration of the evidence, the RADB made the decision to suspend Clarke for two months, while Gunsblaze was also disqualified from the event in question.

Trim banned for animal welfare matters

Peter Trim has been disqualified by the RADB after being found guilty of four charges relating to animal welfare which were uncovered at a kennel inspection on Tuesday June 7, 2016.

The first charge GAR 106 (1)(a) and was in relation to not providing proper fresh, clean water available for his greyhounds in numerous areas.

The second charge was under GAR 106(1)(c) which related to the general conditions of his property where the greyhounds being kept being unclean and unsanitary.

The third charge was under LRR 42.1 for keeping his greyhounds in conditions which were dangerous or detrimental to the health and safety of a greyhound.

The fourth charge was for breaching GAR 84A(1) which related to failing to keep and retain treatment records.

At the inspection, investigators noted that there were greyhounds with little or dirty water, no or inadequate bedding and dirty and in some cases dangerous enclosures.

Trim pleaded not guilty to the charges. During the investigation it was established that Trim’s property had been the subject of three previous inspections in 2015 and 2016 where similar deficiencies were noted. Whilst some steps were taken to improve conditions, the property was still deemed unsatisfactory.

In determining the penalty, the RADB considered Trim’s contribution to the industry in rehoming retired greyhounds.

The Board imposed a nine-month disqualification, with three months suspended for 12 months pending no further breaches, to take effect from July 27, 2017. He was also issued a $500 fine.

Two participants fined for misconduct

Trainer Neil Rawlings and owner Matthew Lehman have been found guilty of breaching the misconduct rule, GAR 86(o), by Greyhound Racing .

The charges related to an incident which happened at after race five on Thursday May 18, 2017, in that they engaged in a verbal altercation which in the opinion of stewards constituted misconduct.

Rawlings and Lehman both pleaded guilty and were fined $400.

Dunn fined for disobeying

Tim Dunn has been fined $250 by Stewards after being found guilty of breaching GA 86(p). The charge was in relation to disobeying a steward by failing to leave the kennels at Angle Park on June 29 when asked to do so, whilst he also failed to give his name when requested.

Dunn failed to attend the scheduled inquiries and was found guilty as charged.

Fine for attitude towards vet

Trainer David Williams has been found guilty of breaching GA 86(f)(iv) which related to his behaviour towards the on track veterinary surgeon.

Williams pleaded guilty to acting in a contemptuous and improper way towards the veterinary surgeon and was fined $250.

Queensland authorities to start wearing cameras

The Queensland Commission () has announced that it has implemented body worn cameras (BWV’s) for members of its Integrity Regulation Unit (IRU).

The cameras will be used for the collection of evidence to be used in a variety of ways including assisting IRU investigations by providing an accurate record of fieldwork.

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