Lewis Report Finds GRV Adoption Program Too Limited

The in to Victorian Racing has found that almost half the greyhounds bred in Victoria are euthanaised despite “despite strong demand to adopt dogs”.

The Lewis report into has called for a better deal for the many greyhound pups who don't make the grade.

He said the program was “too limited”, with only 4.2 per cent of retired racers being placed in a domestic environment.

Based on 2006 figures – when 7500 pups were born – about 4000 were registered as racing greyhounds. Of those, about 700 dogs were kept for breeding and 320 adopted.

Judge Lewis estimates that “of the 7500 pups born each year, as few as 1000 will have a full life span”.

“That leaves about 3000 fit young dogs who are killed,” he said.

“I accept that the greater proportion are killed because they are too slow to race.”

He urged greyhound officials to minimise the “unnecessary carnage involving young and healthy dogs”.

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