Magnasalis Anabolic Steroid Positive Fine Reduced On Appeal

As reported on Australian Racing Greyhound back in mid December 2008, Jimmy Magnasalis was officially NSW's eighth anabolic steroid positive swab.

At the time Magnasalis escaped with just a $1,500 fine after offering evidence that a veterinary treatment for “water diabetes” almost two months prior was the source of the positive swab and that he acted under veterinary advice. Not happy with that, Magnasalis sought to have the fine further reduced on appeal.

That appeal has just been heard before Judge McGuire and has resulted in Magnasalis' fine being reduced from $1,500 to just $1,000.

The official report follows :

An Appeal by licensed Greyhound Trainer Jim Magnasalis against the severity of a $1,500 fine, imposed by the NSW under Rule 83(2)(a), following the detection of in “” at on 3 October 2008 was held on 14th January 2008 before Judge McGuire.

Jim Magnasalis' Appeal on severity of the penalty was upheld in that the fine was varied from $1,500 to $1,000.

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[…] fine to Jimmy Magnisalis, NSW’s eighth anabolic steroid positive for a similar offence; that Jimmy Magnisalis had that fine further reduced on appeal; that other anabolic steroid disqualifications in other states had ranged from five to six months, […]