Marilyn Swift In Hot Water Over Lennox Head’s Escapee Greyhounds

today finalised an into the circumstances surrounding two greyhounds escaping from the property of Mr. J. Hewett and Ms. M. Swift at Lennox Head on the 29th October, 2008 and attacking a kelpie x dog owned by Mr. L. Frainey.

Mr. Frainey was also injured in the attack.

During the course of the Inquiry evidence was taken from:-

  • Mr. J. Hewett – Registered Person
  • Ms. M. Swift – Registered Person
  • Mr. L. Frainey of Lennox Head
  • Mrs. R. Smith of Lennox Head
  • Mr. D. Munroe of Lennox Head
  • Ms. A. Davie-McClellan of Lennox Head

Stewards subsequently charged Mrs. Swift pursuant to Rule 108 which provides:-

    R108 Prevention of greyhound straying
  • A registered person must ensure that any greyhound pursuant to the person's care or custody does not stray onto any private property without the permission of the owner or occupier of that property, or stray onto any public place
  • .

The particulars of the charge being that Ms Swift as a registered person and having the two greyhounds Mr Champers and Acola Southpark in her care and custody she failed to properly return and secure these greyhounds to their kennels at the conclusion of a short walk on the evening of 29.10.08 which has resulted in the greyhounds escaping from the property at 9 Dress Circle Drive Lennox Head and straying onto a public place being Dress Circle Drive and being involved in an attack on a kelpie x dog owned by Mr. Lloyd Frainey in which Mr. Frainey and the dog were injured.

Mrs. Swift pleaded guilty to a breach of Rule 108.

After consideration on the matter of penalty Mrs. Swift was suspended for a period of two (2) months and was fined five(5) penalty units equivalent to $550.

According to the official Sterwards report, the following factors carried weight in the Stewards' decision:

  • Forthright evidence
  • Length of time in industry
  • Any penalty imposed must act as a deterrent
  • Plea of Guilty
  • Greyhounds involved were euthanized
  • /ul>

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