Mikayla’s Pup Could Win Darren Brown A New House

When and his family purchased some pups from a litter by out of Pearl Napoleon, everyone had a pick of which pup would be theirs to own. It appears that having a eye for a talented animal may not be limited to Darren either, with his five year old daughter Mikayla spot on from the day she saw Ride The Rails.

“We actually bought the dogs out of the paper and there was two black ones and a black and white one. We put them in the kennel and bought my daughter Mikayla down and said ok, you pick which one you want. We thought she would go down and pick the black and white one for sure, but she picked the black one and it turned out to be Ride The Rails.”

This Saturday night Mikayla's selection, Ride The Rails, is a well fancied conveyance in the One $100,000 to-the-winner Silver Chief Final.Brown is the first to admit that it won't be an easy race to win, with the event looking a very open affair on paper.

“You can't be too confident going into this race because virtually every dog has an identical first split, give or take a length and they're all evenly matched. I'd love to say I'm one percent certain I'm going to win it, but I can't say that because people will laugh at me, you can't be too cocky.”

Brown is quick to note that Ride The Rails isn't the only success that the litter has had for him yet either, with a brother to Ride The Rails already winning five races and over $25,000 in prizemoney.

“Ride The Rails brother is Cosmic Station and he's pretty handy too, yeah he goes alright.”

But a win for Ride the Rails in the Silver Chief would mean the world to a trainer like Brown and his wife Nadine.

“The win would mean a lot to me and don't get me wrong, the money would be nice too. Actually the money would buy me my first house so that would be good.”

Come Saturday evening, it may well be Mikayla's selection that provides her family with new place to live.

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