No Race Dates For Murray Bridge Straight Track

Following investigations with Greyhound Racing Club, and track inspections of their respective facilities, a recommendation went to the Board for straight track racing to be allocated to the Murray Bridge race track for a period of 18 months.

According to GRSA, while this recommendation was accepted in principle in July this year, it was subject to general acceptance from the Members of the Company.

At a Members Information Meeting held on 22 August 2008, this recommendation was submitted to the Members for comment. As there was a diverse range of opinion as to the merit of allocating race dates to the Murray Bridge club, Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) requested written feedback from the Members of the Company to assist in finalizing a position on the allocation of race dates to the Murray Bridge Club.

While taking into consideration comments from the clubs, a common thread surfaced relating to the Strategic Planning day held in March 2007.

At that meeting, Members of the Company highlighted the need to, rationalize tracks and merge clubs, wherever possible. In particular, Kulpara and GOTBA to investigate joining forces and race at one facility.

The outcome of all this consideration has led GRSA to the decision not to allocate race dates to the Murray Bridge Race Track.

The GRSA Board believ their decision not to allocate dates to Murray Bridge “is in the best interest of greyhound racing and is in line with our strategic plan”.

GRSA added that they will “continue developing a strategic vision for track development that focuses on existing and potential TAB track facilities”.

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