Members of the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel released

THE names of the five person panel assigned with reforming the NSW greyhound racing industry have been released.

Known as the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel, it will be led by former Morris Iemma, the former Labor Premier of NSW between 2005 and 2008. Since quitting as Premier, Iemma has been heavily involved in junior cricket and in May this year he was appointed as one of six district commissioners on the Greater Sydney Commission.

Iemma will be joined by Simon Draper, who will fill the role as Deputy Chair. Draper is currently Deputy Secretary, Economic Policy Group, for the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Prior to this position, he was a tribunal member at the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal. His other occupations have been as a managing director of Lumo Energy, the CEO of Wellington Airport in New Zealand, the general manager commercial at Integral Energy and the CEO of Northern Territory Airports.

The third member of the panel is Steve Coleman, the CEO of the RSPCA. Coleman joined the RSPCA NSW as an inspector in 1991 and currently sits on numerous government and industry committees and advisory councils such as the Animal Welfare Advisory Council, which directly reports to the Minister for Primary Industries. Coleman confirmed his position on the panel last Friday, adding he was disappointed the government had decided to reverse its ban on greyhound racing.

Coleman had previously spoken out in favour of the ban, speaking at the government’s press conference when it was originally announced on July 7.

“This day will go down … as one of the biggest improvements in animal welfare in this state,” Coleman said.

“We can only hope that other jurisdictions look upon this decision very, very seriously.

“It’s monumental, and I can only hope that this reverberates around the country.”

The fourth member of the Panel is Christine Middlemiss, the NSW Chief Veterinary Officer for the Department of Primary Industries. Middlemiss comes from a farming family in the south of Scotland and was appointed to her current position in August 2016. Middlemiss has a background in sheep genetics in private practice in the United Kingdom as well as in animal health in the public sector.

The greyhound industry will be represented by Brenton Scott, the CEO of the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA).

The starting point for the panel’s work will be to consider a variety of reports as well as industry feedback, including the recommendations of the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry.

Also specifically mentioned within the terms of reference for the panel are the industry reform guarantees put forward by the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance on August 9 in both a letter to the Premier and a media release. At this stage, the letter is yet to be released for the industry and public to read, however, Australian Racing Greyhound has called for this to happen.

The panel will be responsible for determining a new regime to ensure greyhound racing within the state prioritises animal welfare, has a robust governance structure and a tough, independent regulator to oversee the industry.

Following the panel’s report, the government has said the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill will be repealed and will be replaced with new legislation to implement these tough new standards. Part of the panel’s work will also be to determine criteria for a statutory review, which will take place after the commencement of the new legislation.

Read what Australian Racing Greyhound had to say about the structure of the Panel.

Past Discussion

  1. Why do we get a panel that has one person from five who knows anything or understands anything about greyhounds?

    I can understand the chair & the premiers rep but Steve Coleman has already shown his position is untenable, why he was even considered after his petulant tantrum last week is astounding & surely the veterinarian should have been drawn from someone who is a specialist in greyhounds.

    Talk about the blind leading the blind with a loaded deck.

  2. This lineup is a classic stitch-up. The whole thing is being led by the nose by the Mike Baird office. Greyhound racing will be slowly strangled out of existence unless the industry remains on high alert and maintains a solid all-together approach to what may may be coming its way. The committee that’s been formed pays token notice of anyone with knowledge of greyhound racing – the rest of them could be sitting on the apples and pears board for all they know or care about the industry. It is a time to co-operate but to be very wary at the same time until some sort of honest endeavour is shown by the Baird Government – which I believe is not to be trusted. It is a bitter, wounded political force.

  3. The RSPCA must be removed. I would open up another court case to prove conflict of interest with the campaign they ran to reinstate the ban in the days after the government back flip.

  4. The Composition  is designed for an argument  for over regulation of the code of racing, which will eventuality have the  Greyhound Industry wound up?  Why wouldn’t the government have a panel with  a fair balance “.example ” Former Lib Premier  and Minister for racing and a Vet from Victoria, Dr  Dennis Nepstien , Dr Peter Yore  Greyhound specialist  verses  a sheep Vet from Scotland ,  Mr Wayne Billit former Reform Manager and Chief Steward appointed by then Grant ‘s  GRNSW CEO form the Justices Department verses  RSPCA inspector  and come CEO who has already made up his mine what direction the industry should go. Bureaucrat Draper , well its probably just because the deal with the Electricity is done and dusted and needed a gig , maybe he could offer some power points (lol). Yes we are only a 5-1 chance of survival and Mike Thompson  you are right we are SCREWED

  5. BobWhitelaw Where are the participants on the panel & fk me why is there not a Qualified greyhound vet on there unbelievable & the RSPCA should not have anyone on this Panel 

  6. BobWhitelaw  bob,they thought the same thoughts in VIC. its functioning well! I see this taking a year and more to be in place and rectified.along the way,we shall see who is genuine and who is a plant and anti. just call alan jones and ray Hadley again and they will skin ’em alive.

  7. Good idea but at least get rid of RSPCA apricipant, especially if it’s Ronald McDonald look alike Coleman, fancy him putting his name forward.

  8. We should be doing the screwing . Lets see how it plays out in the near future . If it goes badly we need to do some pollie bashing . Bairds been knocked to 30% and could happen again. if we are not treated fairly and decently . I’m sure they are trying to back door us but the truth will win . AGAIN !

  9. This Coleman fella is Bairds pawn he’s in a no win situation, all he can do is take the money and run.  That of course is providing we play our cards right (no live baiting no mistakes) 

    We won the first round with the back flip. The rest is up to us. We have a chance, don’t blow it.

  10. What chance are we just spoke to Dr Peter Yore and  he was ask by AVA, Australian Veterinary Association would he be prepared to sit on this Panel that the Baird and Grant Government are putting  into place  his answer was YES ! Guess what, he hasn’t heard from anyone AVA or the Government , i’am more convinced  they are steering us into a total shut down .For all the good people in the industry i hope i’am wrong but its not a good  look, and remember  the 1st of July is still hanging over our heads .

  11. spyman This reform could see more lefties in the fed parliament.

    Then we’d be screwed.  Lets hope it goes the other way but with Baird involved i would be surprised.

  12. BobWhitelaw Thats right at this time & day July 1 is still there untill the legislation is changed where not out of the shit yet.Mike Coleman are you fkn serious he didn’t want to be on it in the first & then changed his mind or was told to get on it to destroy us he should be no where near any panel & OMFG the Vet that knows fk all about Greyhounds & knows a lot about Sheep well i guess put there to pull the wool over our eyes how ridiculous we are still in a lot of trouble from my perspective.

  13. spyman  Robert Brown from the SFF party has put that forward in the Upper House  and i as one support 100% a commission  into this groups activities